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Gyms in Oklahoma City | Grow With Our Company

This content was written for Colaw Fitness

We are always looking for people to join our team of A-Players. Therefore, we offer a wide variety of times and positions at our gyms in Oklahoma City. We have positions in the day time, overnight, and for sign spinning. By joining us as a front desk associate, the sky is the limit on where you can go with the company. However, it is only by starting here that you have the opportunity to move up. We will teach you valuable real-world skills and abilities. These will make you a better employee wherever you go. We always hope that people will stay with us long term. We hope you will consider joining our team and help love on our communities. To apply, look up our job listing on Indeed.com. Otherwise, give us a call at 918-766-3353.

Our daytime positions are incredibly important to us. They are the ones that are interacting with our members most often, especially in the evening. A typically day as a day time staff member consists of three things. The first is keeping things clean. Each shift begins with a two hour cleaning shift that will help keep our facility spotless. Therefore, we have it broken down to a very specific cleaning regimen that you can follow. For instance, the morning and evening cleaning shifts focus mainly on the bathroom and tanning rooms. This compares to the afternoon shifts which primarily focus on the gym floors. Besides this, we want to keep everything fixed. That being said, it is our responsibility to make sure that any equipment that is broken is reported. Finally, loving on people is the third goal of the day.

Now, taking care of our members is an essential part of being part of gyms in Oklahoma City. Hospitality has to be a huge portion of what we do day in and day out. There are a few ways that we do this. First, we greet everyone within five seconds of entering the building. Often times we try to call them by name to make sure they feel seen. Besides that, we also smile with our eyes and with our teeth. A greeting does not actually feel welcoming if the person is not smiling. At that point, it only feels like a script.

Gyms in Oklahoma City

Therefore, we train it into our employees to make sure our members feel welcome. This all occurs at the front desk. Similarly, this is where most conversations happen between staff and members. Away from the front desk, we also acknowledge people within a ten foot radius of us. We call this the ten-foot-rule.

Our overnight staff is absolutely essential. They begin their shift at 10pm and work ten hours until 8am when a manager arrives. The overnight team does the majority of the cleaning in our facility. As a rule, the gym is generally less busy at 3am than it is at 3pm. That is why we have them clean during the nighttime. Most of our overnight does a great job at doing extra things that are not even on their list. This goes to show just how essential they are to our team in displaying an A-Player. Besides that, we also have them log a majority of the paperwork that we receive. For instance, whenever a new guest comes into our gyms in Oklahoma City, they fill out forms. Our overnight team takes these forms and enters them into our software system.

Becoming a Colaw Fitness staff member is relatively easy. The first thing you have to do is of course apply for the position. You can either do this on paper at the club or online at Indeed.com. Simply search for Colaw Fitness or gyms in Oklahoma City and it should pop up. Once you apply, a manager will respond within seven days to offer you an interview. Everyone is guaranteed an interview, so it does not secure the position for you. When you arrive, make sure you have a pen, paper, and a copy of your resume. Alongside this, make sure that you are dressed professionally. Hence, all of these are simply good interview etiquette. Above all however, make sure you are on time!

After your interview, you will be contacted again within seven days in order to schedule your shadow. A shadow is a two-hour learning opportunity where you will work alongside one of our employees. They will be able to answer any questions you might have about the work place. Therefore, you will get a good idea of what it is like to work at gym in Oklahoma City. For the last fifteen minutes of your shadow, you will meet again with a manager. This manager will ask you a few more questions regarding your availability and your reason for applying. From there you will be free to go. If you have any questions regarding availability, you can email the manager you spoke with.

If we feel that you are a good fit and would like to bring you on board, there are first a few steps. First, you will need to fill out your new hire paperwork. This will consist of a few government forms as well as the option for auto-deposit. You will need to complete this before you start your training. Training for this position will be made up of four shifts. Three of those shifts will be training with one of our team leads. Thus, the fourth day will be spent one-on-one with the manager of your facility. Therefore, you will go through a graduation before you are ready for you first shift. The graduation session is two hours long and you will go through all of the ins and outs of this position. It guarantees that you will be ready for your first shift.

In conclusion, Colaw Fitness is a great place to work. Our gyms in Oklahoma City are some of the finest in the world. We can guarantee that you will enjoy it every step of the way. If you are interested in more information, simply give us a call. Our phone number 918-766-3353 and we would love to hear from you. Grace and peace to you.