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Gyms in Oklahoma City | It’s A Party!

This content was written for Colaw Fitness

At Colaw Fitness, it’s always a party! If you are looking for gyms in Oklahoma City, we are the one to join. Every month is a new opportunity for us to have a good time with our members. For this reason, we started our member appreciation night. On this one night out of the month, we throw a huge party for all of our members. Better yet, we give away a ton of free stuff on this night. We give away free food, t-shirts, bottles, bag, and other prizes! If this sounds like your kind of party, call us today at 918-766-3353 for more information. In the meantime, hang around a while for the best article you have ever laid eyes upon.

First, our members. We love them to our core. If you are not one, you need to become one as quickly as possible. Please run, don’t walk, to the Colaw Fitness nearest to your house. We will be ready to greet you with open arms. Trust me when I say that our members are the highlight of our day. Every time a new face walks in, it’s like a miniature celebration for our whole team. Therefore, we try to remember every person’s name. Mainly just for fun, but also because we value them and want them to have a great day. The best part is that our members keep the energy going! Thus, a party of five turns into a party of fifty by the end of the night. It’s exhilarating. Without a doubt, you should try it sometime.

That brings us to member appreciation night itself. Something you should know that it is on the first Monday of every month. When I say every month, I mean every month. The only time we have ever missed a month was when coronavirus took over the world. However, you had better believe that we were right back at it and better than ever. On this very special night, we have our whole team there. Everyone besides the overnight team of course. They are sleeping. Everyone is together to greet the members, dance a bit, and bring energy to our members before their workout. Our club starts to become more and more like an actual club, just think of a family friendly version. Therefore, you should see our gyms in Oklahoma City. They’re the best of them all.

Gyms in Oklahoma City

On member appreciation night, you can expect to be fed with some great food. This has ranged from pizza and ice cream, to Baja wraps and smoothies. The main goal is to make your experience with us even more satisfying. In the past, we have had vendors like Tropical Smoothie come out to give our members free smoothies! One time, we even had Chipotle. Trust me when I say that was a great member appreciation night for everyone. The best news by far is that you do not even have to work out to participate! All you have to do is come in and take part in the excitement! By joining on this night at our gyms in Oklahoma City, you also get some great perks.

If you sign up on member appreciation night, you will also get your first three months absolutely free. Yes, you read correctly. Three full months of access without having to pay a dime. Even after that, you will likely only have to pay one dollar for the next month. These all seem like great reasons to sign up, don’t you think? From there, you will have a chance to win a free t-shirt, water bottle, and a drawstring bag. They are incredibly easy to get.

All that you have to do to score a t-shirt is leave us some feedback. If you sign in to Google and search Colaw Fitness, leave an objective review for a free t-shirt. It doesn’t even need to be a five-star, just an honest review of your first experience with us. After that, you can get a bottle and a bag just for taking a picture with a staff member.

Do not unbuckle your seat belts yet. We have not even made it to the best part of our gyms in Oklahoma City. If you get three friends to sign up on member appreciation night, you get some cool rewards. By doing so, you will win an entire year for free! In addition, your friends will still receive their three months for free. That is a total of twenty-one months absolutely free. Thus, that is almost two whole years’ worth of monthly payments. Numerous people have done this two months in a row, and have received a second or third year for free. The sky is the limit here. We do this as a thank you for bringing your friends into our gyms in Oklahoma City. So, thank you!

We feel that this is a great way to start the month. Therefore, we always aim to be the most positive, optimistic place that our members find themselves. It is an honor to be such a huge part of their lives. As a result, we feel the responsibility to be as joyful as possible. Our joy becomes evident as soon as you step through the door into member appreciation night. We hope that that joy is contagious and goes out of our doors with you!

In conclusion, at Colaw Fitness, we like to party. However, our reason for celebration is none other than you! We hope that you consider becoming part of our gyms in Oklahoma City. Hopefully after reading this you find that we are always giving away some great stuff. You of course can take part in everything that we have to offer. The first step is to simply come try it out for yourself. If you would like more information, simply give us a call at 918-766-3353. Otherwise, you can find more information at ColawFitness.com. There you will find membership options, amenities, and virtual tours of our facility. We hope that you consider joining us at Colaw Fitness and look forward to seeing you soon. Grace and peace to you.