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Gyms in Oklahoma City | It’s Okay To Be a First-Timer!

This content was written for Colaw Fitness

Gyms in Oklahoma City can be difficult to come by. Additionally, they force you to pay exuberant prices for meager results. At Colaw Fitness, we will not charge you an arm and a leg. Furthermore, you will have access to a multi-million dollar facility and much more. Signing up is easy and it does not break the bank either. You can sign up for a membership today for only one dollar. With that in mind, it will be the best price out of all the gyms in Oklahoma City. Do you have questions? Call us today to get them answered at 918-766-3353.

The situation that we find most our members in is similar to the following. At some in their lives, they were active and felt healthy. However, as they aged they found that their bodies were not the same as they used to be. But it has been so long since they worked out, they have dozens of questions. They are not sure what they are capable of, where they should start, or what machines to use. They sign up for a gym membership hoping that something will happen to make them feel better. This is often the case at gyms in Oklahoma City. If you are like one of these members, then we have a great offer for you.

At Colaw Fitness, our average member is a fitness first-timer. With that in mind, you will never be the only one just getting started! Unfortunately, there is a lie in the fitness industry that you have to know what you are doing. This is of course before you even get started. Doesn’t that seem crazy! We have built in systems to make sure that any question that you have gets answered. In addition, we try to answer it as quickly as we can. If you walk through the doors of Colaw Fitness, you will immediately be greeted with a friendly smile. But that is only the very beginning.

Gyms in Oklahoma City

We want to make sure that you are aware of exactly how to use our equipment. Therefore, our facility is stocked with state of the art cable machines made for beginners. These machines come with color-coordinated adjustment levers. This way, you know exactly how to set it up to fit you best. We also demonstrate exactly what form to use to make sure that you avoid injury. If you find that you are unsure of how to use a machine, our staff can help! Our machines also provide a QR code that can be scan. This code will show you a video of exactly how to use the machine to get a great workout.

Apart from this, sometimes weight training can be intimidating. With that in mind, we also supply plenty of easily accessible cardio options for our members. If you do not want to try the strength equipment just yet, that is totally fine! You can use our variety of cardio machines to get in a great workout. We supply multiple kinds of bikes for you to use. These include stationary and recumbent bikes. Therefore, you can use whatever best fits your goals and abilities! Besides that, we also offer a few other cardio options.

For gyms in Oklahoma City, we have some amazing treadmills. Our stationary treadmills can sustain any speed that you are looking for as long as you would like. They are able to do this because we routinely maintenance them. They often come with the added ability to connect your ear buds to one of the many televisions in our facility. Therefore, you can get a run in while you catch up on Fixer Upper at the same time! We like to think of it as active relaxation. Hence, you no longer have to worry about adding more time into an already busy schedule. If you are a student, you can read your textbook from the comfort of one of our stair mills!

If you are looking for gyms in Oklahoma City, it likely means that you already have a busy schedule. Colaw Fitness is here to make sure that you do not have to sacrifice convenience. Therefore, our conviction is that you can be healthy no matter how many hours you work. Ultimately, your health is a top priority. As a result, once you have lost your health, it is paramount that you get it back. Colaw Fitness exists to help you reach your goals physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

In our day and age, depression and anxiety are at an all-time high. Research shows that twenty minutes of strenuous exercise every day can be a huge mood booster! Our team is ready and willing to help keep you motivated to stay the course. At the end of the day, your goals are just as important to us as they are to you! Hence, we want to help you reach your full potential, regardless of age or money. At Colaw Fitness we have seen retirees walk through our doors feeling better than they did twenty years prior. However, it did take dedication and discipline on their part. Our role is to make sure you have all the tools to be successful.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to do a Spartan Marathon in your seventies? We have had multiple members over the age of seventy train and compete in such events as these. Our slogan is “You Are Worth It!” and we truly believe it. Whether you are a teenager who is new to the world of weightlifting, or a single mom, you are worth it. We believe that anybody, through discipline, can do what it takes to get exactly what they want. Therefore, we empower our members to do exactly that. The best part is, it does not even need to be an expensive process.

On the first Monday of every month, we host a member appreciation night at our gyms in Oklahoma City. If you get three friends to sign up on that night, you will be given a whole year for free. You read that absolutely correct. You can get an entire year paid for, just for bringing in your friends. Call us today at 918-766-3353.