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Gyms In The OKC Area | 5 Reasons for 5 Bucks | Colaw Fitness

content written for Colaw Fitness

Spring is approaching fast and wonders of getting in shape are crossing your mind but with those thoughts come all the obstacles with it… “The gyms are too expensive in the OKC area. I don’t want to be judged. I don’t know how or where to start.” We at Colaw Fitness understand your desires and want to provide you an experience that not only transforms your body and your lifestyle but also saves you money.

1. 24 Hour Access
We understand that your schedule can get pretty hectic at times. The job, the kids, your late-night television show, are all important things that are drawing your time. But your health is important too! Colaw Fitness is here for you to make time for YOU, which is why all of our gyms have 24-hour access. We found a way to fit the gym into your busy life so that you don’t have to. Now you can either get your early morning pump to jumpstart your day or get your late-night cardio in before your day is done.

2. Free Friend Everyday
It really does take two to make a thing go right. So when it comes to either gaining muscle or losing fat, we understand the value of having somebody to encourage and push you. With every membership, you are allowed to bring a free friend every day. Grab your water, bring your partner, and enjoy getting in shape with the companion of your choice. Your friend also has access to the amenities that you have such as massages and tanning too!

3. Free Training Classes
Want to get in shape, but don’t know where to start? Our trainers here at Colaw Fitness provide exceptional pointers and guidance to get you started on your goals. Create a workout plan that combines exercise, diet, and nutrition to achieve your health goals. Why have a training class? No one knows yourself better than you, and our goal is to equip you to take care of yourself in a way that fits your daily life. In addition, we understand that motivation may be hard to maintain on a day to day basis, and who better to hold you accountable than a class who wants the exact same thing that you do? So take advantage of this opportunity included in your membership to give yourself the best health that you can, and who knows, maybe you’ll be able to teach what you have learned to others.

4. Free Massages
Recovery is just as important, if not more important, than exercise. The recovery process is where muscles truly build and we often take this for granted. Here at Colaw Fitness, we value how you recover. So that is why we offer complimentary massages at our gyms to provide you with a speedy recovery so you can get back on your goals. Our hydromassage beds and chairs are one of a kind and are a perfect last stop before you’re out the door.

5. Free Nutrition Plans
What you put in is what you will get out. But what you don’t put in matters too! What you don’t put in can also aid your fitness goals as well. Studies show that training your body is essentially 80% nutrition and 20% exercise! Knowing what to put in your body and sticking to that promotes discipline and a healthier lifestyle all around. Begin working on the ALL areas that lead to a healthier life and provide more energy and fuel for your workouts ahead.

We aim for ourselves to be one of the cheapest gyms in the OKC area to satisfy our members’ needs. So they can focus on their lives outside of fitness. Don’t waste another second and sign up today for only $5 bucks!

Gyms In The OKC Area