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Gyms In Topeka | Loads of Equipment

Article written for Colaw Fitness

At Colaw fitness, we understand not everybody has the same goals for their health and fitness as the other person. That’s why we provide you with state-of-the-art equipment, to accommodate your every need and level of fitness. Our equipment is very well maintained, and constantly cleaned to provide you with the best experience possible when you visit. Whether your goal is to bulk up, slim-down, or just maintain your health, our equipment is perfect for you. Come by and visit us in person, to see why were the best of all the gyms in Topeka Kansas.

We have an excellent free weights section, that starts with dumbbells that go all the way up to 75 pounds. Using dumbbells are a great way to get fit no matter what your goals are, because of the different sizes. Using dumbbells also allows you to strengthen your core, which is very important to your body to help function correctly. They are conveniently located in front of a wall of mirrors, so you can check your form during your workout. If you need ideas for a workout or have questions on how to use the dumbbells, just ask our staff.

Next to our free weight area we provide you with many free weight benches, which range in size and adjustments. These benches come in handy for our free weight area, no matter what workout you may be doing. We also have straight bars and e-z curl bars, which are conveniently located by the free weights for your use. We also have a couple of power racks, which are perfect for doing squats, back exercises and other exercises. There are also Smith machines for assistance, if you prefer a little help or maybe if you’re a beginner too.

Out of all the gyms in Topeka Kansas, you won’t find one whose equipment is more clean or well-maintained. We provide a large area of workout machines which are perfect for members of all fitness levels or age groups. They will provide you great assistance, examples and ease during your exercise no matter which one you are using. We have machines divided up for every body part, so you can make sure you hit every muscle group possible. Our staff will also be very happy to guide you if you are not sure how to use the equipment properly.

gyms in topeka

Our large selection of free weights and machines help to make us a favorite of all the gyms in Topeka. We also provide cable machines and accessories to go along with them, so you can have more options for your workouts. Our matrix equipment also counts your reps and keep time for you during your workout, so you’ll never be lost. If you’re not sure how to use the equipment, we offer training instruction from our friendly staff which is free. We will provide you with the knowledge and tools that you will need for success for your health and fitness.

We also provide a large variety of cardio equipment, which is useful the matter what your fitness goal
may be. We have everything from bikes, ellipticals, treadmills, to row machines and stair climbers which are fun and easy to use. We provide you so many cardio options, that you will never get bored and always look forward to working out. Our bicycles are a favorite of our members, and are also perfect if you’re looking for low impact cardio options. Located in front of our televisions, cardio will be easy and fun while you watch one of many large screens.

All you have to do is start peddling the bicycle, and the machine will turn on and you are ready to go. If you would like assistance on adjusting the seat or to work the screen, our staff are happy to help. With many options available through pre-programmed workouts, our bicycles always have something exciting to offer all of our members. We also provide you with row machines, which provide a different cardio option besides running and biking or stair climbing. Just sit down and start rowing, and the machine will turn on and you’re ready to row your way into fitness.

We have quite a few treadmills available for use, which are quite popular with most of our members and guests. You simply select the workout program or just hit go, and you’re ready to begin your walk-jog or run. You also have the option to adjust your incline, which can provide more difficulty if you’re looking for a challenge. We also have rotating stair climbers for you, if you are looking for an extra challenge and an extra calorie burn. With all the gyms in Topeka Kansas, we provide you with the best and cleanest options available as a member.

We are the highest and most reviewed of gyms in Topeka, and our variety of equipment is like no other you’ll find. We also have our most popular cardio equipment, which are our elliptical machines, which are perfect for low impact running. Elliptical machines move with ease, and prevent the hard impact on your knees that’s usually with treadmills or running outside. The two options available provide stable arms, or arms that move with you to get a total body calorie burn. You are guaranteed to love our cardio selection at Colaw Fitness, no matter what your favorite cardio machine may be.

Last but not least, we provide you with an excellent abs and core section with many options available for you. We have kettle bells, medicine balls, and other equipment that are perfect to sculpt a lean and toned up core. We’ve got the best options out of all the gyms in Topeka, and we’d love to show you in person. We have excellent training instruction that’s given by our employees, which will assist you on the proper functions of the machines. Stop on by Colaw Fitness Topeka today, and check out our large variety of equipment for all your fitness needs.