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Gyms in Topeka | Sharlie lost 33 lbs | Colaw Fitness Topeka Gym

Hey, this is Charles and Amber Colaw. Today we’re going to give you a win of the week. And Sharlie is the win of the week. Sharlie has given us a wonderful testimony. She talked about her results in the last six months. She’s lost 33 pounds in six months and she’s changing her life and we’re super pumped for her. So Way to go Sharlie.

So Amber is also going to give us a notable quotable. Go ahead, Amber.
This is from Napoleon Hill and he says, you cannot begin to realize your potential until you acknowledge the person you are and begin to shape yourself into the person you wish to become. The lifelong process of personal growth begins with a commitment to honesty to yourself. So, um, self-growth is a life long commitment. We’re never done growing. Uh, personal mastery is one of our favorite things. Always trying to determine what it is about ourselves that we can make a little bit better and work on each day. It’s a, it’s a lifelong process. So be encouraged and find something today and be honest with yourself that you can work a little bit harder at to grow. And change personally.

Gyms in Topeka

Yes. We’re all about personal mastery. We want you guys to get some great results like Sharlie. So that was the winner of the week. You guys have a blessed week. We’ll see you guys next week. Bye bye and come see us at our gyms in Topeka.

Okay, my name is Sharlie Peterson. Um, so obviously the atmosphere, it’s a great gym to workout in, but one thing that I really like and that sticks out to me is how invested the gym actually is in the individuals. Every person that walks through that door, you have the advantage of getting tips from the owners themselves. You hear testimonies about weight loss. People have lost anywhere from like 10 to over a hundred pounds. And that to me is just super inspirational and it makes me want to keep coming here.

Oh, it’s great. If you don’t bring your headphones, you have uplifting motive, Fational music to listen to on the speakers. Everything is always clean. They always greet you at the front desk with a smile, which is actually really important to me. No one ever has their head down. They’re always invested in and you hear and that’s what matters everything.

So it’s a great price for one, and for that price, you’re just getting a little bit of everything. They have everything from cardio machines if you want to work out your arms and your legs. One thing that I find cool is that they even have machines that account the reps for you, because I forget to count a lot, but in my own head. So that comes in handy. So it’s just a well rounded experience.

And if you want personal training, they have tips that they’re always here to offer assistance to you. Um, since moving here six months ago, I’ve lost about 33 pounds, which is important to me because I have a stomach disease that actually makes me gain weight for the most part. I’m constantly fighting against myself. So if someone like me can do this, then you definitely can too. And it’s worth it to come check this place out because it is super fun.

Come and find out why we have been voted as best of all gyms in Topeka. Get started today for as low as $1 down.