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Gyms in Topeka | We Can Fulfill Your Every Fitness Need

content written for Colaw Fitness

It’s great you have considered Colaw Fitness as an option for gyms in Topeka. Give us a call right now at 785-409-8823 and let us tell you personally why we should be your only option. It would be easy for us to tell you to search for us online and read our reviews. We aren’t like any of the other gyms in Topeka and it’s easy to see once you walk in for a tour. Someone is always there cleaning night and day and eager for new people to stop by. They enjoy working there and love to share why.

Our staff is always excited to give tours and talk up the place. Unlike the other places that try to sell you stuff. We don’t sell anything that you don’t want. Simply, we show you what we offer. Starting at only $5 a month, the value sells itself. No other gyms in Topeka dare to offer the experience we provide. We don’t go out and search high and low for these superb people. Our staff comes to us excited about what we have. We appreciate who they are and they appreciate what we have. We become a family, members and staff alike. Beyond rapport, this is a family business and a family atmosphere.

You are welcome to bring your friends and family age 12 and up. At no extra charge, we offer Bring A Friend For Free. Every time you workout, bring a buddy to help, or teach, or learn from. We know how awkward it can be to go to a new place the first few times, so please bring someone else and impress them with all you have here. It would be great to start a young person on the path to a longer life and better health through fitness. It’s also a good bonding experience to bring your parents or elders to get back to health perhaps. Getting healthy bonds us all together. Common minded, common goal people share so many more aspects of their lives.

Another thing you’ll find over and again is how clean our facilities are. Every location we have is cleaned around the clock. We know that a healthy facility is of utmost importance for your own health. We disinfect the equipment constantly and have stations located throughout the facility for your own use. Attention to detail is important and our staff knows that. We have no doubt that of all gyms in Topeka, ours is the cleanest. In any city we are located, this is true.

We celebrate life and progress each month at our Member Appreciation Night. Local food vendors come into our facility and let you sample what they have to offer. While taking a tour, find out what night that is. You can even bring some folks with you that night and end up getting an entire year of membership for free. We have several members right now that are enjoying all the benefits without paying any money.

We have so much exciting gym and fitness equipment that we often forget to mention it. Colaw Fitness is so much more than “just a gym”. So we’re pretty excited about everything else. We have a huge area for aerobics and equipment to use in that area. We have all your old standards that most any gym has had for the last century, but we have the latest in everything you need. From different types of ellipticals and bicycles to circuit training. All your needs for fitness can be met at most gyms in Topeka. As long as you know how to use everything to achieve your fitness goals, you’ll be all set. However, Colaw Fitness offers free training for you to use our machines and get where you want physically. That is not something you’ll find at all those other gyms in Topeka.

Maybe you just don’t want to workout without knowing the best dietary program for achieving your goals. We have you covered there too! Our proprietary dietary program allows you to get exactly where you need to be with the least time and most effort possible. The other gyms in Topeka probably just want you to join and then you’re on your own until you give up. We and our staff are like family and our members are part of that family too. Don’t just have rapport, we have empathy and an ear to listen. We are involved with your success and that’s about much more than fitness. Our other members know this and will help you succeed too.

Colaw Fitness has decades of knowledge and wisdom to share. Staffed with an eclectic mix of people from all walks of life with one common goal. Success. To be successful is never done alone. We have a faith-based facility and know for a fact that we never are alone. Success is dependant upon health, fitness, and peace of mind. We are here with a great blend of Christian music to get your heart pumping. Various genres are played throughout every Colaw Fitness location. WiFi is available for your convenience if you prefer.

So while you are shopping for a gym in Topeka we suggest you research each one carefully online. Then pick the best 3 and take a tour. We don’t want you to think we are trying to sell you on anything. We are simply wanting the best for you. In fact, that’s our motto. Have you seen it? #youareworthit You. Are. Worth. It. That’s what we want you to know. You are worth having it all, health and so much more.

Ask to see their private showers during the tour. Private showers mean so much to so many. No one wants to go viral with lockerroom photos. No Colaw Fitness member will ever have that happen in our private showers. We do have lockers available to use while you workout too. Just store everything while you workout and take it with you each time you leave. Locks can be purchased or you may bring your own.

While you come in, take a look at all our great gym wear. We have seasonal clothing and new designs frequently. We have amazing products for getting your darkest golden tans too. Also have little packages to use and try available for purchase and then the big bottles for your favorite. We have logo water bottles and gym bags in case you forgot yours at home. Other beverages available, chilled, selection varies in each location.

How are those other gyms in Topeka looking now? Call right now and let us know at 785-409-8823. Leave a message after hours and will call you back as soon as we return during normal weekday office hours.