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Gyms Near Me | Getting a good tan

This content was written for Colaw Fitness

Here at Colaw Fitness in Topeka Kansas, we have many amenities for you. But today, I’m here to tell you about some phenomenal deals that you can get on tanning in Topeka. So come stop by here and 19th Terrace and Wanamaker if you want a gym that works for you. Being always greeted by staff that care that you are there. Helping make sure that you reach your fitness goals. Because here at Colaw we like to make Jesus famous and change lives. Check us out online or call us at 785-409-8823 as well.

So you want to know if Colaw is a good fit for your tanning needs? Well search no further than our wonderful gym. Always remember when searching for gyms near me to come check us out because we have what you need. We may not be a salon, but we’re still ready to let you get your tan on. While also offering one of the most affordable gyms in Topeka to do just that. You’ll never turn back after seeing some amazing results that you can achieve here.

As for the actual tanning equipment you may be wondering what we have. First of all every single piece of tanning equipment is very easy to use. With four High Power stand up and lay down beds, getting you in a bed will be a breeze. You won’t need to pay so much extra for canning either like you might at other gyms. Because here at Colaw Fitness Tanning is included with whatever membership or pass you get. It is as easy as that. So check us out whenever and receive the best deals imaginable. Never question whether or not you are getting the most bang for your buck here at Colaw Fitness. So always make sure to look for gyms near me and see if Colaw is round.

Gyms Near Me

Of course one of the five best gyms in Topeka needs a deal like that you can’t pass up. Even with only a $5 day pass you get access to the entire gym plus the free tanning. You don’t even need to buy a full membership to check it out first. Isn’t that crazy? You can put Phil your tanning needs without having to break Bank. Here at Colaw Fitness you’ll never need to either as we are one of the cheapest gyms in Topeka. Just search for gyms near me and check us out in person. So stop searching endlessly for the best gym, because Colaw Fitness is right here to stay.

You can believe that too, after looking at what the other guy offers. Most of their gyms will make you pee so much extra just for tanning and massaging. But you still get the same thing here at Colaw Fitness for a much lower price. When searching for gyms near me, always remember that Colaw has the best prices. Because of these low prices and how clean and friendly we are, we’re able to truly say We are the best gym in Topeka. If you don’t believe me come check us out for yourself, you’ll never need another gym again. We can’t wait to help you with whatever you may need! Whether that be tanning or burning fat and getting fit. Colaw I will always be here for you!

Here at Colaw Fitness we’re always keeping it clean and loving on people. That includes all of our tanning beds as well. The staff will make sure to always clean the bed before and after each use. Making sure that you’ll never ever have to sit in somebody else’s filth. At the best gym in the city of course you need the friendliest staff as well, always willing to help you. From smiling at you when you walk through the door, to helping put you in a tanning bed. So search for gyms near me and see what comes up, we got you covered.

If you’re a newcomer how does the tanning actually work though? Well that’s very easy to answer. You see, all you have to do is provide us with three things up at the front desk. The first is a government-issued ID with a name and date of birth on it. For most people a driver’s license is the easiest form. It is very important that the date of birth is actually on there and you have the physical ID in person. If you wonder why we might need the physical ID, it is due to the Kansas Board of Cosmetology’s rules for tanning. So search for gyms near me and get all your tanning needs covered.

Secondly, you will need to provide us with the last 5 digits on the back of the access device we give you at sign up. Finishing off of course with just proof of eyewear. We wouldn’t want you to hurt your eyes and always want to make sure you’re protected. And it’s only those three things that you’ll need to provide to tan here at Colaw Fitness. To recap, a government-issued ID, access device number, and proof of eyewear.

Only a few more things to help you get started with tanning At Colaw. After you provide us with the three essentials to tan, you have a few choices laid out for you. The first of those choices is what kind of bed do you want, the high power lay down or stand up. The next choice is how long you want to tan. If you are a new member though you can only go for one third of the max time. For a stand-up that is 3 minutes and a lay down that is 4 minutes. Always remember to take it slow when starting tanning, you don’t want to look like a tomato.

After we start the bed up at the front desk, it will automatically start in the room after a 5-minute delay. Giving you plenty of time to get ready. That’s or if you want to start it early just click the start-stop button or the power button in the room. And that’s all you need to know for tanning it Colaw. So come and stop on down to check us out at any point. We’d love to have you on our journey to make Jesus famous and change lives. For more working out tips and tricks check out Charles and Amber Colaw’s podcast: “You Can Do This”. Again, you can check us out online or call us at 785-409-8823.