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Healthy Diet Oklahoma City | The Importance of Going Beyond Your Dinner Plate

This content was created for Colaw Fitness.

Do you need help getting started on a healthy diet Oklahoma City? Here at Colaw Fitness OKC, we want to help you. We are ready to hear from you. Call 918-331-0404 today!

We can get you started on your healthy diet Oklahoma City with our free nutrition and workout instruction. This instruction is available to our members, all of our members.

Your healthy diet Oklahoma City can have a huge impact by focusing on proper water intake. It is easy to drink empty calories; therefore, we suggest to drop the pop. Drinking water when you feel hungry can help curb your appetite.

Healthy Diet Oklahoma City

When working on your healthy diet Oklahoma City, it can be extremely helpful to seek out an accountability partner. Choose a friend that can support you when you need an extra boost. A perk here at Colaw Fitness OKC is that we encourage bringing a friend. Because of this, we implemented bring a friend for free! That is right. Two can workout, tan, and get massages for as low as five dollars per month.

We know that incentive can really add a competitive edge too. With that in mind, we created a reward membership. Your membership can be as low as five dollars per month if you check in at least twelve days per month. Our member portal can be conveniently accessed any time so that you may see your total check ins for the month. Call our customer service if you have any questions.

Consistency is key in any healthy impact. It can push you to your goals for a healthy diet Oklahoma City. Remaining consistent in nutrition as well as exercise are pertinent for success. As a result, Colaw Fitness has twenty four hour access in every location. All locations, with the exception of Bartlesville, are staffed all day, every day. See our website for Bartlesville hours. Please note Bartlesville has twenty four hour access for members, even when our front desk is not staffed.

A cardio workout will most definitely help boost your metabolism for that healthy diet Oklahoma City. Here at Colaw Fitness, we offer a variety of cardio equipment. We have ellipticals, treadmills, rowing machines, stair climbers, and bikes.

Once you feel comfortable, we encourage you to start utilizing our weights. Our facilities offer free weights in addition to resistance machines. Our resistance machines are easily adjustable. If you feel like you need a little more guidance, reach out to our front desk staff to sign up for a complimentary orientation class.

Colaw Fitness wants to set you up for success. Therefore, we offer a complimentary nutrition and workout class called CF30. This is a thirty day challenge. With your convenience in mind, we have scheduled these classes multiple days per week. At the end of this class, you will receive a nutrition plan and a workout regimen to follow. The overall objective of this plan is to lose body fat and gain muscle tone. Stop in at the front desk to sign up.

Be sure to treat yourself with some complimentary self care too. There is no appointment necessary to use our massage chairs. Our massage chairs use water pressure and heat to give you a few minutes of relaxation. They are easy to use too. Just slip off your shoes, select the pressure you would like, relax and enjoy!

Additionally, Colaw Fitness also offers free tanning for all memberships. Choose from our lay down or stand up tanning beds. Similarly to the massage chairs, no appointment is required. For your convenience, you may purchase tanning lotions or tanning goggles at the front desk. If getting that nice bronze glow is your thing, then definitely check out these complimentary and convenient tanning options!

Colaw Fitness believes you are worth it. In fact, we especially want you to be remind of that while you are in our gym. Therefore, we have decorated the walls at all of our facilities with motivational words or phrases to give you that extra boost of encouragement. Stay inspired with the Colaw Fitness atmosphere. Additionally, we stream Christian music in all of our locations. We believe our staff is super awesome and friendly too.

Colaw Fitness has five locations across four states. Your membership allows you access to any of these facilities at any time. Some things may vary from location to location. Colaw Fitness can be found in Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and Texas.

Furthermore, having a Colaw Fitness membership means you can bring a friend for free at any time. That’s right! Your low priced membership gives you and a friend access to all our amenities. Anything you can do, your guest can do too. There are no time restrictions or limitations. We simply request if your guest is your minor, they must be at least twelve years old and accompanied by you.

Keep on track by keeping your head in the game, even outside of the gym. Listening to inspirational conversation might be an extra boost you need to stay on track. In fact, Amber and Charles Colaw (the owners and founders of Colaw Fitness) host a podcast. You can find this podcast on our website or through our social media. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Check out Colaw Fitness’s website for member results and motivation.

In conclusion, we would like to encourage you to reach out to your local Colaw Fitness OKC manager. Please feel welcomed to share your personal success story. You never know when your personal experiences could inspire another person. Your story might be just what they need to keep going on their journey to health and well being.

Remember friend, we believe you are worth it and want you to believe it too!

Last, our customer service is located in Oklahoma. When you call us, you will talk to a real person. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about billing or your member portal. Call customer service today with these questions at 918-331-0404.