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How often to increase weight? | Colaw Fitness Podcast #98

Hey we are Charles and Amber Colaw here with the fitness tip of the week. So Charles, give us some advice here. Um, when strength training, how often do we need to increase the weight as far as in strength training opposed to like muscle building or bodybuilding or hypertrophy, the muscle, when you strength train, that’s different than trying to just build muscle.

So strength training is anywhere from like eight to five reps. When you’re hitting about five reps to eight reps, you can move up the weight for actual strength training. If you’re trying to actually like bodybuilder hypertrophy, that’s more like 12 to 15 reps. And so the answer your question, if you’re trying to strength train to actually build strength, you need to be doing that weight at least five to eight reps before you move that weight load up.

Once you do that, then just going to be lower than five to eight reps should be like three to five reps that you’re going to now be doing that new way to right now if you want to bodybuilder hypertrophy or really build muscle like to to build muscle mass strength train, that’s more 12 to 15 range, right? So higher rep range for hypertrophy. Um, and a little bit lower rep range like five to eight for strength training. If you want to move up in weight, you’re getting at least eight reps.

Well I think a lot of people get that confused. Um, when you talk strength training and they just want to talk about a workout or weightlifting that there is actual strength training for those who want to be stronger. Maybe a some sort of a competition where your strength in the amount of weight that you’ve lift is what’s competed, not a visual appearance of the body or just your average general beginner fitness may not want to strength train. They just want to work out for health and fitness to maybe tone up and weight loss. So those are different. And I think a lot of people get confused between the two.

Yeah. You can actually build up your strength and not really getting a lot bigger when you’re hitting. Like what I used to power lift me. I would even practice like doubles and triples and singles. Um, but really when you’re doing most strength training, you know, five reps, if you’re not getting five reps, I’d still stay at that weight. Um, if you more recreational strength training. So that is your question. This Charles and Amber Colaw with the fitness tip. Have a blessed week. Bye bye.

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