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How to stick to a food plan | Colaw Fitness Podcast #83

Hey, we’re Charles and Amber Colaw here with the fitness tip of the week. So, okay, we’ve got a good question in and the question is how do I stick to a diet? [inaudible] hi. Hey the word guy. Nobody wants to die
to stick with the food plan.

Stick with food plan, where going to go with the word food plan. We’re not going to say that. The bad word question is how can we give me some tips to help stick to a food plan?

Okay. Sticking with the food plan, this is where I’ve trained thousands of clients and help coach them on new nutritional habits and food habits that they can stick with for a lifetime. So, um, four key things. Number one is planning. Okay? Number two is journaling. Number three is staying in front of hunger. And number four is accountability.

So planning, journaling, staying in front of hunger and accountability. Okay, I’m going to talk about those. So first off, with planning, I tell my clients to make sure that you’re planning the food the night before. So before you go to bed, you make all your stuff up, you pack your Tupperware containers, you make your little shakes or sandwiches or wraps or whatever you going to be eating or meat eat your chicken and veggie dishes or whatever you’re making on your food plan.

And you pack that, you put it in a little satchel, put it in the fridge, wake up in the morning, you know you’re going to probably be running behind, rushing around. You grab it and go and then you have it timed on your phone. It has beeps, beeps, beeps at the certain times you just stop in your day and you follow your plan because that creates complete mind freedom cause you preplanned it the night before. So that’s planning. Yeah.

And we always know the one time you don’t plan is the one time you sleep through the alarm. The alarm didn’t go off. You forgot about an appointment and someone’s calling and you have to run out the door always.
And you’re, and a lot of times to go mess up with their plan just cause they’re rushing around and they’re grabbing fast food as they go. So failing to plan is planning to fail. Failing to plan is planning to fail. So that’s the first one is planning.


Second one is journaling. That’s where you’re logging it and recording it. Um, I have all my clients and we also at our clubs have free journals. This is a page that you can actually fill out and keep track of what you’re doing. That’s personal accountability as well. So journaling, it makes you have mind connected with paper and that’s as template that you’re following and it holds you to accountability. So journaling is a necessity. You gotta journal,
it’s out of sight, out of mind. Yep. Anything that’s right there, it’s visibly in front of you, especially your own personal accountability to have to write that down.

How to stick to a food plan
Yes. And then a three is to stay in front of your hunger. Um, I’m a big guy and I ha I was three Oh three in high school. I lost 83 pounds of the trainer. So I have personally not felt comfortable. My scan struggled with that and been on and off again on food plans for about seven or eight years. When I first got into fitness and it was a really frustrating, but if you can stay in front of the hunger I’ve had all my clients become a lot more successful by just staying in front a hunger.

So what that means is when you’re following these plans, you’ve got to make sure you’re eating enough and not skipping meals. When you skip a meal, you chew the meal, you swallow a meal, it goes in your stomach, your stomach acids break it down, it pushes through the intestinal track, the ciliate and pulls the nutrients through your intestinal wall to your liver.

Nutrients distribute to your body. All this is occurring but every three hours because there’s a gastric empty emptying and the stomach gets empty, your body has pressure receptors and density receptors. It’s not feeling that. So you get hungry and you go too long and you say, heck, with this food or a diet plan, I am too hungry and then you want to go grab whatever. And it’s generally a high-glycemic car or a flower because it’s high, high sugar, high flour, blood sugar responsive foods, or also high density fatty foods, because that gives you the most amount of pleasure of serotonin and dopamine and that it’s an emotional thing. It’s an emotional thing.

You get too emotional. He said to heck with it. So making sure that you stay in front of the hugger. Um, unlimited meat and vegetables are the slowest to digest. So I always tell people, you’ll never say, I got so fat off eating an extra chicken breast that’s not physically possible to occur.

I promise you try it and it doesn’t work. You can get all upset with me because I can promise you I’ve done it. I’ve trained clients, thousands of clients that won’t ever happen. So, so did I. Just lean proteins and high fiber STEM stock leaf vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, celery, lettuce, lots of those high fiber STEM stock or leaf vegetables you can eat unlimited amounts of, it takes more caloric energy to digest than you can absorb. So that’s two unlimited resource foods.

Lean meats, flies or swims. It’s better. 95% are leaner and a STEM stock leaf vegetables. So lean proteins and high fiber vegetables unlimited. And you can fill your pressure receptors, density receptors, and feel a ton better and stay in front of the hunger. So, and number four, the fourth component is accountability. Through that journal, you’re accountable with yourself. If you’re also doing it with a partner, you’re holding yourself accountable.

And as a trainer, I actually have them fill out logs. I look at their logs all the time. That’s personal accountability and I’m strict on it. So if you have a partner in this journey, you’re going to have accountability. So start off with that. Um, so planning, journaling, staying in front of hunger and accountability. I can give you all this for free with our free CF 30 diet plan that we have or not die. Plan a food plan at our gyms. Nutrition plan. That’s for free at our clubs. Our clubs are as low as $5 a month.

They also have a 30 day money back guarantee. You get your money back, you can fall a free diet and nutrition program. Uh, that nutrition program will help you lose tons of weight. Don’t believe me. Go to YouTube. Type in colon fitness reviews on YouTube Colaw fitness reviews, and see the hundreds of clients that have followed that plan or similar plans to lose any weight and getting in great shape. This is Charles and Amber Colaw on the fitness tip two, how to stick with your food land. Bye bye.