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Is it possible to spot reduce fat? | Colaw Fitness Podcast #37 | Arlington TX gyms

Hey, this is Charles and Amber Colaw today we’re gonna give you a fitness tip. Amber, give us the fitness tip. Okay, well, um, people are always asking the question, how do I get a flat stomach? Or how do I reduce my thighs? Um, you see people in the Arlington TX gym doing specific workouts, you know, they’re trying to target a specific muscle, so do their thighs over and over and over like this. Or the guy’s doing crunches and crunches and crunches and crunches and trying to spot reduce a certain section, right?

Right. So the question would be, is it possible to spot reduce?

spot reduction is not possible. I can’t do crunches. And then abs burn all the fat off of that. Abs are really made in the kitchen. You have to be eating a diet that’s going to force your body to use its own fat up. And then the skin being thin enough to hang over the body where the muscles will actually show will then show your abs. Same thing with like your thighs and so on. You can’t like do a bunch of thigh workouts and then the thighs, uh, fat falls off, right? And so spot reduction is really a fallacy.

You have to actually eat better and exercise regularly. You can work out those areas, but you’re not making the fat around those areas go away. May feel tighter in those areas because the muscles are tight underneath that fat, but it’s not actually reducing the fat, right? But we do know that you will lose that in specific areas first.

So some of those tougher areas that people really want to see the change in, it’s kind of the first place that you gain the fat is the last place you lose the fat. So it’s kind of a being consistent and patient in the process of losing the fat.

The fitness tip is spot reduction is a fallacy. So you’d really still just need to eat better and exercise and follow a set program at the Arlington TX gym. So this is Charles and Amber Colaw with fitness tip. Have a blessed day.

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