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Joplin Fitness Centers | Fitness Over 50 | Colaw Fitness

Hey there Charles and Amber Colaw here with the fitness tip of the week. So Charles give us some pointers for fitness. Over 50 fitness. Over 55 quick facts are fit disorder 50. So number one is make sure you always warm up your ligaments and your joints.

Aren’t near as pliable as they were when you’re younger. So warming up is super essential. So at least 10 minutes, like walking on a treadmill, a brisk walk like that can get the blood flowing and get your body ready for your workout. Second tip is making sure that you always stretch before and after your workout.

See the same thing as you get older, the muscles, the ligaments, they can have tendency to be hurt or get pulled. And it’s just like, I think of that belts on your car. You know, like the serpentine belt on your car eventually gets kind of old and it doesn’t, it’s not near as pliable.

So we want to make sure that we stretch that out. Loosen it up prior to the workout. Number three is making sure that you give weights higher priority than cardio. What happens is as you start to lose muscle and muscle tone and bone density as you age, that’s number three is making sure you take weights, take top priority. That’s number three.

Number four is going to be making sure when you do cardio, you do interval cardio where your heart rate goes up and it comes back down. So it’s kinda like a walk and a jog walk in a jog on a track. So what you want to do is take your heart rate up to like about one 41 50, and then bringing that down to like a, like a 100 or a one 10.

And the more that you do that you kind of like prep your body on a cardiac high cardiac output, and then cardiac recovery, high cardiac output in the cardiac recovery.

That’s really essential. As you get older, that you’d be able to keep that response in the body. In case you have some sort of event where you do have to take physical action pretty intensely very quickly. So that way you can recover pretty well.

Number five is making sure you take off days as needed. Sometimes you used to work out every single day, listen to your body, take off days as you need to, as you go along. So sometimes you do weights really heavy. You may take two or three days of longer to recover than you used to years ago.

So taking off days as needed, that’s the five tips for fitness over 50, right? This is Charles Nicole. I have a blessed week. We’ll see you soon. Bye. Bye

Joplin Fitness Centers

Joplin Fitness Centers