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Joplin Fitness | How did Stan lose 30 lbs?

Hi, I’m Charles Colaw and this is Amber Colaw with Colaw fitness. Today we’re wanting to talk to you and celebrate a big win of the week. And the Amber tell us about the win of the week. The win of the week is Stan, and Stan has lost 30 lbs. We need to listen to his testimony.

Oh, I love coming here. And first of all is you found out the cleanest gym I’ve ever been in my life. There’s never a moment when so many and it’s got all the machines and I need to work with.  Since I’m retired twice a day. So it’s just a welcoming place to me. Atmosphere here. Everybody is friendly. You know, you walked in the door, they greet you when you walk out the door. They greet you, if you need anything. They’re here to help.

And the people that come here, you don’t get the guys that are flexing in front of the mirror all the time. You know, normal family plays. Well, I think, uh, you know, to me it’s a place that you can come. If you, you’re not ever going to have a point where you can’t get your machines and that’s really important because I have a certain amount of time I want to be here. I’ve lost a lot of weight, I’ve lost like 30 pounds. Not really trying that hard. And I didn’t cut out sugar out of my diet. I average probably at least five days. All right.

Awesome job. He’s been losing. You lost 30 pounds, which is amazing to me. I lost 30 pounds by cutting sugar and working out five days a week. This guy is a diligent doer. He ge it done. He doesn’t just want it, he really wants it. And he’s made the difference in his diet and also with his commitment to coming to the club. So, uh, so the fitness Tip of the week is to get on a dietary program where you’re cutting sugar and all refined based carbohydrates, Paleo diets, maker’s diet, south beach diets.

All of them fundamentally cut refined based carbohydrates and they had the, basically when you do that, it allows your body fat as an energy substrate while still eating enough protein and good nutrients to build muscle and tone up. And so staying at an excellent job of cutting sugar and committing to five days a week to lose weight.

And so the Joplin fitness tip is to follow the heck. We have the three trainer class here at Joplin Fitness Colaw is basically you can tell you exactly what to eat, what time to eat, how much water to drink and everything. So it’s idiot proof template to follow. She could have the same result Stan is having as far as cutting sugar, cutting refined base carbohydrates to lose the fat and tone the muscle. And so I’m able to tell us the notable quotable for the week.

The notable quotable, it’s proverbs, thirteen-four. Lazy people want much but get little, but those who work hard will prosper. Well Great. So that’s a good takeaway. Proverbs 13 four is out of the Bible. The Bible is awesome. It’s been a huge influence on me on not being a knucklehead and being a better husband, a better father, a better person in my life, my community, and also in business.

So lazy people want much but get little. But those who are diligent work hard and get a prosper. Stan has been an awesome job of being diligent, diligent doers, getting it done, cutting the fat cut, I’m sorry to cut the sugar and working out five days a week. And so our action steps for the day for this, the action step for the week is to sign up for our CF-3O. The Joplin Fitness thirty day idiot proof diet and workout program, or just the, you have 30 class is taught for free at the gym. It’s just come on into the gym, sign up for the CF-30, come to the class. They’re going to give you an idiot proof template.

Tell you what to eat, what time to eat, how much water to drink, what some of us it takes. You too can be successful and they’ll give you a workout to go along with it. I’ve worked with over 5,000 clients. They’ve lost tons of weight, turned up the body. I too want you to get these results. So sign up for the CF-30 and congratulations to Stan in for the win of the week. You the man, Stan the man.