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Joplin Fitness Tips | The importance of getting started

Content written for Colaw Fitness.

This is Charles and Amber Colaw with Colaw Fitness. Today we are going to talk to you about the win of the week and a Joplin fitness tips. So, Amber you tell us about the win of the week. Our win of the week is Quintin and he’s lost fifty pounds. So, congratulations Quintin, awesome job!

Quintin has lost fifty pounds and Quintin is. A great example of somebody who is getting started into working out. He’s never really been to a gym before. Colaw Fitness is a great beginner fitness gym and he’s been here and started coming in. Started working out and he has lost 50 lbs.

So, my Joplin fitness tips for the week is going to be. Number one, start. Get into the gym and sometimes this is intimidating. It’s hard to want to come into a gym. We’ve created an environment where. Our staff is super friendly. Really outgoing. We are probably I would say the best beginner fitness model out there. We want you to get in here and get with our free trainers.

They can help you build a diet plan and a workout program. It is totally free to start. So, Amber tell us about the notable quotable for the week. Our notable quotable for the week is. “There will never be a perfect time. Just start where you are.”

Great. So, the notable quotable is “There will never be a perfect time. Just start where you are.”And that’s where you are going to have to take action over emotion. A lot of times you don’t feel like you want to do it. You don’t feel like you want to go to the gym. A lot of times even me. I don’t want to go to the gym.

I was over three hundred pounds in high school. Lost eighty three pounds with a trainer. Who gave me a diet and a workout plan, and that’s what got me into fitness. And I too want you to get those results. To lose that weight just like Quintin. To build muscle and to tone up.

Get your confidence up and make changes in your life. So, action steps. Our action steps for this week are. Number one, sign up for a membership here. And if you don’t like it we have a thirty day money back guarantee. You get your money back. So, if you come in and it is not a good fit for you. Then you can get your money back.

So, number one is get signed up for a membership. Number two, sign up for the free trainer. You just gotta show up and they are gonna give you idiot proof templates to follow. So you can do exactly what they tell you as far as the food. The workouts, so that you too can get this weight loss like Quintin has done.

So, number two. That’s number two. Sign up for the free trainer. And number three is to sign up for our CF-30 program. It is Colaw Fitness 30 day because it gets you great results. It is a 30 day idiot proof template to follow. That tells you exactly what to eat, what time to eat. What workouts to follow, when to do it, and we actually have staff that will show you how to do it.

So, one, two, three. Sign up. Sign up for the free trainer, and then sign up for the CF-30 and you too can get these results. Like the win of the week Quintin. Good job Quintin. Have a great week because.

My name is Quintin. The most thing I like about Colaw in this is a very warm inviting environment and every time I come in here I feel like I can get a lot of work done and there’s just a lot of people here. Really inspires me push you gonna grow yourself a little bit to the atmosphere. Colaw is this great this is wonderful there’s a lot of nice people here. There’s always people smiling everybody’s just doing their work getting it in and then the employees are super great super helpful and very nice.

They’re really missing out on the good places really get your first part in working out and kind of like really get going and just a good place in the environment that’s very welcoming. So, like I really like like think about going to the gym before I came here. Because every time I come here I feel very welcomed. The very warm atmosphere therefore is great.

I really like coming here I’ve lost about 50 pounds since I started coming. Hence I want to continue that so I want to get better. I’ve started like 270 I’m down to like 230 and I just want keep going down and I just build muscle and really told myself up.