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Joplin Gyms | Big Wins For Fitness Beginners | Colaw Fitness

Hey, this is Charles and Amber Colaw here with the fitness tip of the week. Charles, we’re going to split this up a little bit today. We’re going to give some tips on how beginners can have big wins. Big wins, big wins for beginners. So I get to start number one, start small, just 30 minute workouts. So that’s the most important thing is just starting with things that are attainable short blocks of time.

Keep it simple. Number one, number two, one of our favorite words ever consistency, just be consistent. So start with something small that’s attainable that you can do on a regular basis. And then just be consistent with that. Don’t try and go. Hardcore, just be consistent. That’s what he got for number three.

Number three I have is find a workout, buddy. It’s a whole lot easier to workout and stay motivated when you have a friend to go with and you look forward to spending that time with him and fellowship and eating a great workout.

So finding a workout, buddy, that’s number three. Number four is finding a mindframe simple template to follow. And we have that in the free CF 30 class. You can get free diet and workout templates so that you can be really successful with your buddy. She’s my buddy. We can follow a simple template that way you’re eating exactly what you’re supposed to be eating, following the workout, your spots we fall in and you’re going to get great results and be like these big wind videos we have.

And then lastly, staying positive. Number five is staying positive. So anytime you feel like your, your emotions are derailing, you are holding you hostage from the motivation to want to work out list 10 positive things in your life. So literally stop. It may take a little bit of time and that’s good. It listing 10 things out like I’m healthy. I’m smart.

I got a family that loves me, sir. 10 simple, positive things can change your level of motivation. So that’s the fitness tip this week for the simple beginner fitness tips for you guys. So that’s you guys next week? Have a very blessed week. Bye. Bye


Joplin Gyms

Joplin Gyms