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Joplin Gyms | Colaw Fitnes a place to workout

Joplin gyms are the most competitive gyms I have ever seen. With such great accommodations they all seem to be great. But when comparing cola fitness is undoubtably the best. They have the most for their prices. The value of this gym is exponential in comparison to other Joplin gyms. For more information on this facility give them a call at…

Colaw fitness truly is doing the best. With their thousand plus reviews you can’t help but believe what they are doing here is good. A great Christian-based facility. Their mission is to spread the love of God and help you further your health journey. Reviews go on to say things like search friendly staff or the facility is always clean. You can’t make this type of reviews up because people love it.

if that isn’t enough they even have video testimonials. You can find me is on their Facebook their website and their YouTube channel. Where you will find real member us talking about the great facility. If you would love to do a testimonial you can go up to the manager and ask. We love hearing from members. Hearing the great experience you’ve had here and all the impact we made on you. Our goal is to help you get better and reach your goals because you rock. Even if you don’t want to make a video here in your success stories as always great.

As soon as you walk into Colaw fitness you hear the great Christian music and the happy atmosphere. There’s always members up at the front desk talking to employees. They love getting to know them and grading them. Colaw fitness is more than a gym membership. The membership is an investment into your future and your friendships.

You can even bring your friends to the gym for free because friends are awesome. Your friend will fill out a guest waiver then will be on their way. Anytime you choose to come in they can’t as well. They can come in with you or a different friend it doesn’t matter. After they fill out the first guest waiver forms they don’t have to do it again. They will quickly be entered into our system for us to check it manually each time they come in.

Not only can you enjoy this membership but your friends and family can as well. We love seeing couples in the gym together all the time. We have several that have joined our Joplin gyms for their fitness journey. They are results were impeccable. We have loved getting to know these couples and see them on their journey. The fitness journey is not an easy one therefore it is worth it. It takes hard work dedication and people to keep you accountable.

Your fitness journey won’t be easy. It is a long hard journey. Whole hour fitness wants to help make it easier. We want to stand by you on your new found journey. Your journey to a better healthier lifestyle. We will assist you in whatever way possible. Giving different workout advice and dietary advice daily. If you choose to follow our Facebook we often put out keto diet friendly meal options because meals. And get this they even taste good. Yeah a diet that taste good can you believe that?

One dollar a month of your gym membership will go towards water wells in Africa. The colors wanted to make it impact across the globe. They decided that your memberships should help more than you. For that reason they donate to build water wells in Mozambique. They even sent a couple staff members to Africa this past summer for two whole weeks. There they travel to Africa and assisted in making the water wells. You can find videos on this on our Facebook page.

No only do your memberships help build water well but we even have T-shirts as well. These T-shirts are very soft and our black in color. They say #IHelpedBuildIt with the shape of a water well and Africa on it. All proceeds from These shirts go towards the water wells in Africa. They’re only $15. Not expensive but a good enough about to make an impact. We love seeing member is aware of the shirts. Because that means they are helping us build those water wells in Africa.

Colaw fitness believes in serving because we are here to serve. They are here to serve you and the world around them. They truly want to make an impact on how gym is working. Colaw fitness want these memberships to go to a greater good because that matters. Your membership is bigger than what you think. This facility is one of the best Joplin gyms. There’s no arguing that. They have the most selfless mission. To help you and those around you. No other gym has a mission quite like it.

Not only this but you can tell they truly care about the earth is well. You Austin will find the stuff cleaning the parking lot. Ensuring that all the trash left doesn’t stay and their environment. They go out there to pick up the trash left because cleanliness. They want to ensure the facility looks nice for you and their earth doesn’t have to deal with that extra trash in it.

This specific Colaw even works with water gardens out of Joplin. They go and cook meals once every three months to serve the community of Joplin. The staff have prayer before they eat then the employees happily serve those who choose to come in. They make homemade soup cornbread and more. They want you to eat a great meal. No other job when Jim’s do this. They’ve made a short video that you can find on their Facebook.