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Joplin Gyms | Colaw Fitness Podcast #122 | Personal Mastery

Hey, we’re Charles and Amber Colaw here with fitness tip of the week. Yes. So we’re gonna talk about one of our favorite subjects we love to personally develop. And so we talk about personal mastery a lot, and how to master yourself which means you’re always getting better. You’re mastering what you feel could be areas your weekend or flaws or things you need to get veteran.

And so Charles give us some pointers on self-mastery and some ways we can be better at that. Great, great example for me is a morning routine and I’ve came up with seven components that would make an awesome way for you to develop personal mastery throughout your whole day. So you can’t control your day, but you can control a morning routine.

So before the day goes awry, you are on track and you’ve scheduled and planned everything. That’s important and you are in control. So I want you to be in control of your life and develop personal mastery. My highest desire is your greatest gain. So this is morning routine seven steps. So step first step number one is you want to wake up three hours before everybody else and before your first appointment.

At least three hours, maybe three to four hours. So three to four hours to your first appointments at like 9:00 AM. You need to wake up for sure. No later than 6:00 AM.Okay. So number one, three hours before your first scheduled appointment. So three hours before everybody else and your first scheduled appointment, number two component is going to be making a task list.

And so you’re going to task list, all the things that, you know personally and professionally, there’s only about three personal and three professional that you really can get done and done well and prioritize the most urgent and important at the top. You gotta list all. I can just make a list for about 10 minutes of all the tasks that you know, you got to do that day.

Okay. Make a list and then just push up your top three personal and professional to the top. Okay. That is making a task list. Okay. Number three is you want to schedule those most important things into the schedule for that day. So you actually put it on your phone, make it be a notification, but schedule that in. Okay. Schedule that in. Okay.

Because we say it doesn’t get scheduled. So that’s that’s number three is the schedule. Okay. Number four is your workout. Now that you’ve done that major list, and you’ve a task list, you made a schedule, then you want to make sure you get your workout in. I work out first thing in the morning. So after I’ve done that, I get that workout in I’m in and out in about 40 minutes.

So that workout’s checked off and then meal prep, making sure that you. I generally prep my meals the night before, but I grab all that stuff and have it ready for me to go for that day. So it’s in a little box or container or a satchel or a bag, and you just grab that. So all your bill preps done and then dress the same sorry, meal. Prep is number five. And number four was workout. Number five was meal prep.

Number six is dressed the same. So figure out what, you know, you look good in and buy multiples of that and have that up. You should know very, very similar. So you said like jeans and a under armor shirt. Or that’s so I’ll wear sometimes or a Colaw fitness shirt and my Joplin gyms shorts. So I just wear the same stuff over and over and over. So it’s complete mind.

Freedom. I know I looked good in it. Feel good in it. I feel comfortable in it. So it’s a set routine. It’s not holding you hostage to look for clothes. That’s a big time suck is when you get worried about what you can wear, what you look good in. So that’s the dressing. The same as the number six component number seven is then turn off your phone.

After you set that up, you scheduled everything out, you’re dressed, and you’re ready to go turn off your phone, or at least turn off all your notifications.
So you can only get either a call or like a text message. And then don’t get held hostage by social media dings or anything like that, because that is what there’s about. 70.

The average person has like 70 notifications a day on their phone. And that basically is proven to like give you the, the, the, it’s just so many distractions. There’s so many distractions. So if you want to be successful, distractions will, you will lose productivity. No distractions equals productivity at the Joplin gyms. So that is the fitness tip or the personal mastery tip. I’m going to give you this week.

That is what I would call a good morning routine, but all of that rolls into your fitness. So as a fitness tip and you have this fitness goals, if you can follow these things, then success is coming by your consistency and by being very scheduled and intentional.

Absolutely. So that’s the fitness tent. This is Charles and Amber Colaw. You guys have a blessed week rewind that, listen to it again. You’ll get better in every area of life. So we scheduled it gets done and you guys will have an awesome week. So you guys see us next week. Bye bye.

Joplin gyms

Joplin gyms