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Joplin Gyms | Colaw Fitness really has it all

Colaw Fitness is among one of the best of Joplin gyms. With excellent five star ratings that go on to talk about the great staff clean facility and upbeat feel. You can’t beat this gym. Opening a few years back Colaw has really stepped up their game to their competitors. You can contact Colaw at 417-626-2652. They are opened and staffed 24 seven making it remarkably easy to get a membership.

Colaw memberships put other Joplin gyms to shame. When you compare the price of Colaw, there’s just no beating it. Not only are the prices great but you get everything in the facility no matter the membership. This includes the amazing tanning beds the training instruction as well as nutrition instruction and even the massage area. Their restrooms are always in pristine shape. As well as the rest of the facility. The owner is really making sure there gym is the best of the best.

Colaw staff is always working to make sure each experience there is one you won’t forget. They’re continuously cleaning the equipment to make sure it is in the best shape possible. Always replacing any equipment with the slightest defaults. This staff goes above and beyond to make sure you are getting what you’re paying for and more. There is always somebody at the front desk to greet you as soon as you walk in the door. Making you feel like Colaw is a home away from home. Smiling faces, you can’t beat. Along with kind words that warm your heart this is something you will always get when entering the facility.

The massage areas are like no other. Well kept and always clean. I never fail to walk into the gym and sit down in a chair where are all are my words are taken away. The chairs allow you to pick your own settings tailoring your relaxation to your needs. Not only do they have massage chairs but they have Hydro beds as well. Hydro beds allow you to choose how you want to be massage and where. I’ve never seen anything like it in all of the Joplin gyms.. hydro beds use pressurized water to massage your back. It’s simply remarkable.

The way the tanning is set up it Is truly out of convenience for the members. You walk in and go into an empty tanning room and set the bed yourself. They have the options of both standing tanning bed and lay down tanning beds sure you have the option that best suits you. If you have any issues, the staff is more than willing to help you figure it out. Standing beds run as long as 10 minutes where are laying down go up to 12. They have cleaning bottles and paper towels in each bed to make sure that you have the adequate tools to clean the bed both before and after you are done using it. Tanning beds are open 24 seven as well as the rest of the facility.

A set training schedule makes it extremely convenient for you to make sure you can make it in on time to go to a training session if you would like to. The trainer of the day will walk you through each machine ensuring you know how to use the equipment properly I just it properly and know when to go up and wait. The trainers are kind of just like the rest of the staff. Always willing to answer any questions you have they truly make you feel like no question is a stupid question. Training can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour depending on how thorough you would like to trainer to be and the number of questions you ask. Most Joplin gyms charge you extra for this opportunity.

The amount of equipment in Colaw makes it convenient for you to always have the opportunity to use a free piece of equipment. With several Matrix Machines from the leg press all the way to the rower there is truly a matrix machine for anybody part you are trying to work. Not only do they have amazing matrix machines but these machines also have a barcode you can scan. This is in case you don’t know how to use this particular piece of equipment.

Right after the matrix equipment is where you will find the cable machine. There are three tears with four sides each. Totaling out to a massive 12 sides to work on. This means up to 12 people can work on one machine at the same time. Not only this but in between each tear or to pull up bars meaning not only 12 people can work out on this machine but 16. The cable machine has various accessories bet you can change out to be sure you have the right grip for whatever you are trying to accomplish.

Our hammer strength Machines are among the most unique Machines in our gym. It is where the matrix meets free weights. You add however many plates to the machine you feel you can lift. There’s an entire row of these hammer strength machine right before the cable Machine. And another whole row along the left wall. These machines allow you to go above the weight of the typical matrix machine would allow making sure you get the adequate weight you need. Other Joplin gyms just don’t have anything like it.

Colaw members truly get what they’re money is paying for. From the friendly staff to great equipment there is no topping this fitness gym. Joplin gyms really have to try hard to compete with Colaw Fitness. This gym has been among the top few for some time now in Joplin. It is nearly impossible to beat the standards that Colaw holds. They truly know what they are doing and make sure you know what you are doing as well. If you have any more questions for the staff Alcoa feel free to contact them at 417-626-2652