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Joplin Gyms | Meal Prep Tips | Colaw Fitness

Hey, we’re Charles and Amber Colaw here with the fitness tip of the week. Fitness tip. Yeah. This one is on meal prep and some tips to help you meal prep. So Charles number one, five, five simple steps that you could be successful on meal prep.

Yes. Number one, you need to have the right containers.

Yeah. So we want to make sure is that you go out shop, get these little containers that you can put all of your five to six meals in the day. And they can pack into like a little container, a little satchel. There’s like things called like six back or you type type in Google, like six pack meal pack.

They’ve got containers that you can put all of your food items and for the day so that you can be well prepared for following a really strict, healthy feet food and meal plan prep program. So those are some great options to get invest into that and get some good containers so that you can be successful.

Yeah. Your meal plan. And I do love that you use the word satchel. You might Google that too. You could probably find a really cool satchel bag, whatever you want to put it in. I gave it number two, number two, make a detailed shopping list.

Yeah. Making a detailed shopping list, making sure you clearly know what you’re going to go for. So before you go, so you’ll get held hostage, walking down these aisles, grabbing all kinds of random items, make a detailed shopping list of what you know exactly.

You need to be eating, to be successful in the plan. We’ve got really great templates with food items that you can get for free at the Joplin Gyms on the CF-30 Colaw Fitness diet workout plan has great little templates to show you so that you can go shop and be ready to go.

Right. Okay. Number three is always stocking up on your staples. So what would the staples so like good, good, healthy fitness staples are gonna be like lean quality meats and lean veggies. A lot of the meat and veggie combos on any type of meal plan is really successful, frozen, losing weight, and has enough protein in the diet that you’ll build and repair muscle.

So stocking up on your staples and then your seasonings like that are low in sugar. And so making a list of all that, we’ve got that in the CF-30 Colaw Fitness diet plan that far as in what to put on the food, what are the good staples to be buying for the food? So you can lose weight and get in great shape.

So, okay. And number four, when is the best time to plan and prep, uh, planning and prepping prep the food the night before prep the food the night before, if you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail. Cause your day you’re gonna wake up.

You’re going to take off. You’re going to be busy and your day is going to take you hostage through a lot of different events. And then you’re going to miss meals and you’re going to grab fast food or just random things as you go along through the day and you will not be successful. So prep the food the night before prep the food the night before prep food the night before, and you will be super successful.

Right? Okay. So number five is setting a timer to stick to eating at the right time. So how did they do that?

You grab your phone, make sure you set every three hours a meal. Most of the meal plans that we have in the CF-30 is five to six small meals a day, whether it’s the solid meal or liquid shake meal. So plan that, put it on your phone, set a, so it’s going to beep and then stick to the plan. So setting it up in your thing, it’s automatic mind, freedom.

It’ll beep it’ll tell you what to do and just grab your stuff. Hit your, hit your food, hit your shake, keep going through the day and you’ll be a success story. Then you’ll be a win of the week. And one of our programs of losing a bunch of weight getting in great shape. So this is Charles Colaw and Amber Colaw. That’s a fitness tip. You guys have a blessed week. We’ll see you soon. Bye. Bye

Joplin Gyms

Joplin Gyms