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Joplin Gyms | Shed fat fast | Colaw Fitness Podcast 118

Hey, this is Charles and Amber Colaw here with the fitness tip of the week. So, um, one question that we have a lot of people ask it gets down to the wire, if there’s a big event and how do I just shed some of this fat fast?

Okay. I want to help you guys give you five quick tips to shed fat fast. Um, number one, what I do with a lot of clients is I actually cut their carbohydrates. When you cut carbohydrates, your body’s now going to have to switch over to using fat as an energy substrate.

So you’re going to be using, utilizing and mobilizing a lot of your stored body fat by cutting the carbohydrates. So that’s the first step is basically cutting the carbs. Second step that we talk about is also cutting some of the fats out of your diet. If you’re eating the fat, your body’s going to use the fat in your stomach.

First as fuel. If you don’t eat a lot of fat, you’re gonna start mobilizing fat off of your body. So second step is the fat in your diet that we take back out. And then number three, as I bump up the protein content, that’s the thermic component.

Protein actually helps stimulate your metabolism. It’s harder to digest and break down. She actually used increased your resting metabolic rate by increasing protein intake, actually eat some calories to help burn some shedding that fat off of your bike. So it’s not focused just on weight loss. It’s actually gonna help build muscle and shed extra ooey, gooey, subcutaneous body fat off. So that’s number three is building up the body with increasing the protein.

And then number four is we want to do about 500 calories of cardio every day. So anywhere between 120 to 130 beats a minute, when you’re on the treadmill or running, you want to be watching that heart rate, get that up to high enough that your body actually is going to help force its own fat to be used as is energy. That’s gonna help speed up the process to 500 calories between 120, 130 beats a minute.

And the last one is you want to lift weights intensely. That’s going to stimulate your body to actually build muscle increase your resting metabolic rate. And that is the fifth component to shedding fat fast. I’ve done it with tons of clients, multiple States for 15, 20 years. So those are the five components to shed fat fast.

This is Charles Colaw and Amber Colaw, and that’s the fitness tip. You guys have a blessed week. Bye bye. Bye.

Joplin Gyms

Joplin Gyms