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We have a ton of different services to the website you can see all the services laid out for you. It’s really easy to see that we are family-friendly and we care about you. Putting our clients first is probably the most important thing that we do and that’s why people love coming here before going anywhere else. At our facility you cannot only bring your friend free every single time you come but even your guest content and massage free as well. There really is no stipulations to that when we say you can bring a friend you really can bring a friend with you there’s no other Joplin gyms that allow you to do this we are the best in the business.

When other Joplin gyms try to do what we do they just simply can’t because the gym techniques that we have set up and trainers that we have in our facilities are simply so much more available and knowledgeable than many other places that you’ll go. Other places are never going to be able to offer you the same kind of know-how on nutrition and actual physical fitness the way that we do. We start with a good base of nutrition and then build on that. If you would like to talk to one of our trainers please come and visit us.

We also offer free massage beds. With an unlimited Hydro massage bed available to you whenever you come and you’ll be able to loosen those muscles up before going home and cut back on all that lactic acid that many people experience after lifting.

My only are we also offering you free massage that we offer free tanning and all private bathrooms. The bathrooms are all private there is no public awkwardness in the locker room where everyone is just walking around naked it’s a private restroom/shower room and it’s great for people who simply just want privacy. If you don’t want to feel like you’re in a prison when you go into the locker room at a gym than come here because hours is different there’s privacy and there’s great people here with great equipment ready to serve you and help you get to your physical goals. Please let us help you find out what you need and help us help you get to your goals. No other Joplin gyms care the way we do.

Not only are we going to show you how much we care but were going to do it on a consistent basis. We make sure that the matter when you come in and see us were going to have clean equipment everything’s going to be in order. If you ever have a question without one of our trainers you’re more than welcome to. They love answering questions and love making you feel comfortable in your journey call us today at 918-766-3353 or check our website out on ColawFitness.com

Joplin gyms | why is quality the standard here at Colaw fitness

We love making your day special when you come in the door. We want to make sure that you smile when you see us and that were smiling back. We always have a high upbeat attitude in the gym. This is so that whenever our people come and work out here they get to take part in that wonderful energy. We set the tone for the work out. When you come and were smiling we have great music playing overhead and people just simply love coming here to work out. There is a no jerk policy here anyone who drops weight makes loud noises and disturbs others whenever there and there working out is going to be told to leave. There is no bullying or anything like that in this gym we make sure that we are on top of all of that will be able to come in here and as a beginner get your fitness workout on and feel good about your future.

Many of the other Joplin gyms that we see around the area to simply don’t offer all the different things that we offer. With everything from 24-hour access to free tanning and massage we simply have a great facility with great ways to help you stay on top your fitness and feel good about it. We want you to not only get a good workout and have fun when you’re doing it. We have great camaraderie with a lot of our clients all the comes in the door and many of the trainers have good relationships with those people as well.

Our clients know when they come in they can ask is trainers anything from how to burn fat or tone all the way to what things they should be eating. We want to help you and that’s our goal.

The best way to get in touch with Joplin gyms is by just simply coming by our gym in Joplin because in the Joplin area there is no other fitness facility this going to be is clean and have better equipment than ours is. We make sure that no matter when you come and that it’s always going to be clean and look great. We are really dedicated to the feel and the gym as well. Were constantly focusing on the smells and the gym. We want to smell fresh and not like hot sweat. We really worked as diligently to create this amazing environment because we want you to have everything that you need and more right here in your local gym.

With other Joplin gyms offering pricing that is more affordable they still cannot get below our price. With only seven dollars a month you really can not find a better place to work out than right here. With trainers on staff massage beds tanning I mean you really can’t go wrong we are the best in the business and everyone that’s been to any other gym can attest to that. Please give us a chance to prove to you where we are the best right here at 918-766-3353 or online at ColawFitness.com