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Joplin Gyms | Why go anywhere else?

content written for Colaw Fitness

When shopping through all the Joplin gyms available, what is the one thing that catches your attention the most? What can we share with you in a slow drive by reading of everything available, that is going to get you in our doors? What are the questions in your mind that you really don’t want to ask? We have heard and seen it all. Please, do not hesitate one more second and give us a call right now at 417-437-9345.

Let us calm your fears and abate your apprehensions. Remember the old adage about fear? There is nothing to fear, but fear. Let us destroy your fear, hand in hand, and help you reach every goal possible. Beyond the goals, there is just daily life. Better fitness can add to every aspect of your life. Without health, there really is nothing. Health is not just a number on a scale tormenting you. Health is an all encompassing world of living each moment to the fullest of our desires.

It is one of those words that means something different to each person. Mental health? Physical health? Emotional health? Financial health? Health club? Health resort?  What image comes to mind for you? We would like to take our “developing room” and help you get the best image you can begin to imagine. You dream it and we’ll partner with you for as much or as little support as we can. Joplin gyms are found all across our big little town.

How will you ever be able to know which one can help you the most? Take your first step toward us and we’ll meet you halfway. We’ll share our proprietary dietary program to help you lose weight and take care of a healthy heart. Our trainers will guide you into a routine that can give you health of bones and muscles. Starting as low as $5 per month, don’t let the price even figure into the equation.

Even if you are living with poor chronic health, the benefits of fitness can grasp the best available minutes from every hour. We have a staff of highly trained individuals that understand your needs. We have a staff with people from all walks of life, like you. Our staff contains great, sincere, caring individuals from all age groups and specialties. We aren’t perfect, but we never stop trying. That’s the key to being healthy. Healthy doesn’t stop each morning with a smoothie and a vitamin. Healthy is a constant recommitment to ones self.

Joplin gyms contain so much work out equipment that you could go from each one to another and find the same cold pieces of steel, wire, and vinyl. You can pay to get in the door to use one piece of equipment, but then have to pay more to use another. You can window shop your way into an estrogen center of cycling ladies glaring you far away quickly. Many gyms in the area specialize in one need, one person, one goal, and no place for you. Colaw Fitness specializes in love.

Love for everyone. Love to share and encourage each individual. Concern, real empathy for your needs. That can sound ridiculous, right? We aren’t just speaking of the love the many married couples that have met here experience. We speak of a universal love energy. Something shared among us. Love does not see the outer person struggling to find their own level of perfection.

Love sees the hungry, vulnerable human inside each of us. We get the fact that a gym is sometimes not a place you want to go, but feel like you have to go. Even though you know how great it is for you, some days you just don’t want to work out. That’s great! Just stop in to tan or massage and relax. Don’t force yourself to be unhappy. Do you. Motivate yourself for total health. Everyone has an off day occasionally. Luckily, hopefully, we always get tomorrow to try again!

You are still reading though? What else do you need? How about a party? EVERY month? A party to celebrate you! That’s right, at Colaw Fitness, we celebrate life. We party for milestones reached and attempted. We partner with local restaurants to bring you something delicious. Though it isn’t always super healthy highly beneficial fare, it is always very tasty! Man cannot live on bread alone…. Or broccoli…. Or chocolate…. But life is to be enjoyed, savored and lived.

It is a scientific fact that one day of eating whatever you want will not set you back. Don’t let guilt run your life. Don’t let guilt bring you in our doors. We want you to start an adventure with us. Let’s go on a journey together. Don’t worry if you have never been in a gym or even a local pool since the younger years of yore. It is never too late to start and you are never “too far gone to help”. We know our atmosphere of love, life and health will get you where you want to be.

How many more infomercials will you sit through? How many more years will you see that old guy and that old model drag out and dust off their muscle miracle machine? It doesn’t take fancy equipment and a giant budget to be healthy. It takes love and desire, yes it is that simple. Love yourself and desire to be the best you. There is a secret you can’t sell on an infomercial. They can fold it, hide it, do it in only seconds a day, but once they have your money, they are done with you. We are never done with you at Colaw Fitness because you are never done.

Health is in the eye of the beholder. If you ask your local dietician what health is, you may get an answer about food pyramids and calories and the same old stuff your grandmother swore by. Perhaps you go to the nearby lifeguard and find out health is about doing laps until you’re out of breath and exhausted to joy. Health for your great grandparents probably had to do with a good day’s work and no doctor visits. Visit one of the best Joplin gyms today.

Now we know it takes many people to be sure that you stay healthy. Let us be your partner on the ground and in the trenches. You may not want to meet with a medical professional everyday, but wouldn’t you love to get a full body massage? Maybe that is all you can do that day, but it still benefits your health. Call us now and surf no more, we are here for you at 417-437-9345.