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Keto Diet OKC | Keto Diet Explained in the Colaw Fitness Podcast

This content was created for Colaw Fitness.

Are you looking for more information on the keto diet OKC? Amber and Charles Colaw host the Colaw Fitness podcast, You Can Do It. The keto diet is explained in detail by Charles. In fact, Colaw Fitness offers nutrition instruction for a similar set up to keto diet OKC. Call us today for more details at 918-331-0404.

Colaw Fitness Oklahoma City has a wide variety of offerings. We are more than just a gym too. In fact, we care so much about our members’ fitness goals that we offer free nutrition and fitness instruction. Colaw Fitness has a unique program called the CF-30. The CF-30 program is designed to help members lose body fat and get lean all within thirty days time. This is accomplished through nutrition similar to the keto diet OKC. Essentially it is comprised of high protein, low fats, and low carb diet. The reason we approach nutrition this way is so your body burns the fat that is already stored in the body rather than working hard to burn the fat that is being consumed.

The CF-30 program also gives members a fitness regimen to follow. Upon completion of the CF-30 course, members receive a simple fitness journal to follow. Because Colaw Fitness wants to set our members up for success, we also provide a free orientation available to members and their guests. This free orientation explains the resistance machines and cardio equipment. Properly using machines will be key in achieving the toned body that you desire.

Keto Diet OKC

Furthermore, Colaw Fitness wants to keep you connected so that you can remain motivated and on track for your keto diet OKC. A few ways to be connected includes following us on social media. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, and even YouTube. We frequently post member wins. These member wins are real Colaw Fitness members that have accomplished their goals through our program and fitness centers. Don’t just take our word for it, check it out for yourself. It might be just what you need to hear to be motivated and ready to jumpstart your fitness journey.

Let’s talk a little more about this podcast. Amber and Charles give great helpful hints for things like the keto diet OKC. Furthermore, they give great advice for when you have to grab fast food but you need to stay on your nutrition plan. Or things like how to lose fat fast or gain muscle fast. Be sure to subscribe so that you can hone in on lessons from people that have been successful in nutrition and fitness.

We told you we are more than just a gym so let’s talk about what else we offer besides fitness and nutrition. How about some relaxation? At Colaw Fitness, we offer some really relaxing massage units. These massage units vary between chairs, loungers, or beds. Some of these units are hydro massage meaning they use warm water and water pressure to create a relaxing experience. The best part is this is included in all membership types, completely free too. Your free guest can also use these massage chairs. No appointment is needed to use our awesome massage units either!

How about free tanning? Colaw Fitness OKC has free tanning. Our tanning units include stand up or lay down units. We keep tanning lotion and tanning goggles at the front desk. If this interests you, they are available for purchase twenty four hours per day. Similarly to our massage units, all units are available for use twenty four hours per day and do not require any appointments.

What could make this fitness center any better? How about an incredible low price? At Colaw Fitness we want to reward our members. Therefore, we created a reward program where members that attend twelve days per month or more, qualify to receive their membership for as low as five dollars per month. Furthermore, do not have membership levels of access. All memberships are equal access. That means our members, all of our members, can tan, workout, massage, use the locker rooms, and attend orientations or CF-30. The best part is all of our members are allow to have guests for free too. These guests can do all the same things as the member they came with.

Do you travel often? If so, then check our website for all our location listings and contact information. Colaw Fitness has five locations: Arlington, Bartlesville, Oklahoma City, Joplin, and Topeka. Though the benefits are the same, each facility looks a little different. Somethings may vary such as showers versus private restrooms versus dressing rooms. If you are looking for certain accommodations, please call that location with any questions. We would be happy to see you at all of our locations. Furthermore, check ins at other locations still count toward those twelve days per month. For instance, if you are an OKC member but are traveling to Arlington, just come on in.

Remember to hit your fitness goals, it is so important that you remain consistent. With twenty four hour access, we try to make this very convenient for you. In fact, we recommend trying to attend the gym the same time each day to create a healthy habit but also to get your mindset in the routine. Additionally we try to set the tone for you by streaming Christian music to make a positive atmosphere and decorating our gym with positive words of phrases to remind you that you are worth it. We think our staff is pretty awesome too.

In conclusion, Colaw Fitness OKC really strives to help our members be set up for success. From helpful information on podcasts to various fitness center offerings at a low price, we believe you are worth it and we hope you do too. You can meet your fitness goals and even bring a friend with you too! Call us today for more information at 918-331-0404.