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Keto Diet Oklahoma City | Jumpstart Your Fitness Goals

This content was created for Colaw Fitness.

Are you starting a keto diet Oklahoma City? If so, Colaw Fitness OKC has some great benefits to help you jumpstart your new fitness goals. Did you know that Colaw Fitness is an incredibly low priced fitness center with amazing perks? Two people can workout, tan, get massages, plus receive nutrition and fitness instruction all for as low as five dollars per month. Call us today with any questions at 918-331-0404.

If you are looking to start the keto diet Oklahoma City, check out our Colaw Fitness podcast called You Can Do This. Charles Colaw, one of the Colaw Fitness owners, explains the keto diet in episode eleven. For instance, did you know that some people should avoid the keto diet? Charles also addresses this more in his podcast. Examples of someone who should avoid the keto diet would include diabetics, people with high blood pressure, or nursing mothers.

In fact, Charles Colaw has actually used a program very similar to the keto diet Oklahoma City. The premise is that you have high fats and high proteins but very low carb so that your body can be in ketosis. Charles was a competitive body builder and the program he was trained on was similar but with less fats. That same concept is what our CF-30 program is based on.

Keto Diet Oklahoma City

The Colaw Fitness CF-30 program teaches our members how to lose body fat and get lean within thirty days. Members do this by eating high protein, moderate fats, and low carb type meals. Additionally in the Colaw Fitness podcast, Amber and Charles Colaw give great examples of how to meal prep or even follow your nutrition plan when you have to grab fast food. The idea behind using moderate fats instead is so that your body will burn the fat you have stored rather than having to work to burn the fat you are currently consuming.

Even when you follow a keto diet Oklahoma City, you must remain consistent for the best and quickest results. Something else to boost your consistency is adding in great workouts too. Colaw Fitness offers twenty four hour access to all members. Furthermore, Colaw Fitness also offers a reward based membership. Essentially, members that attend our facilities at least twelve days per month qualify to receive their memberships as low as five dollars per month.

We take it a step further too. Colaw Fitness is actually located in four different states: Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and Texas. All of our members have access to all five locations in these four states. The best part is that we are continuously expanding. If you travel, you don’t have to break up that consistency. Follow your nutrition instruction even when you’re on the go and grab a workout at any Colaw Fitness location. The member access to any location counts toward those twelve check ins per month too.

Monitoring member check ins is easy. Upon signing up for Colaw Fitness memberships, members are given instruction on how to log in to our easy to use online member portal. This member portal will tell you when you have checked in. If you have any issues with your log in or any questions on billing, then you should know that we have a friendly customer service department ready to help you.

Let’s talk about how you can grab a great full body work out with Colaw Fitness. At Colaw Fitness OKC, we offer a variety of cardio equipment as well as resistance machines and free weights too. If these things sound intimidating, then do not worry because Colaw Fitness is here for you. We offer free orientation to cardio equipment and our awesome resistance machines. Additionally, our CF-30 program gives you a fitness instruction to follow too. Similarly, all programs require you to sign up at the front desk though they are completely free. In fact, you can bring your friend too. We just ask you to sign up so that we can be sure we have the proper number of materials available for the attendees.

However, Colaw Fitness is not just all work without any play. We are proud to offer sweet perks like free massage and free tanning. Get that sweet summer bronze by using our great stand up or lay down tanning units. We also keep tanning lotions and tanning goggles at the front desk available to purchase at any time. Furthermore, treat yourself and your friend to a nice relaxing massage with one of our massage units. You can find massage chairs, loungers, or beds at any Colaw Fitness facility. Similarly, neither massage units or tanning units require any sort of appointment. If it is available, then you can use it! Easy peasy!

Listen, friend. Our motto is you are worth it. We believe this so much so that we strive to create a positive atmosphere and provide you with the tools you need to make positive changes to your lifestyle. The Colaw Fitness podcast addresses physical health as well as spiritual and mental health too. Exercise can play a huge role in overall fitness for these areas.

To summarize, you can jumpstart your fitness goals on your keto diet Oklahoma City by attending our awesome CF-30 program. Bring your friend too! Accountability can help you achieve your goals and remain motivated as your friend is alongside you to cheer you on. At no additional cost, we would like to remind you. Furthermore, with monetary incentive such as our reward membership, such a fine all inclusive membership is really hard to pass up. Remember, two people can tan, workout, get massages, use our locker rooms, and attend free instruction all for as low as five dollars per month.

In conclusion, we would love to help you meet your goals on your keto diet Oklahoma City. Colaw Fitness offers twenty four hour access, seven days per week for members and their guests. Come in today for a tour. Give us a call with any questions at 918-331-0404. Remember friend, you are worth it!