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Lowest Price Gym in OKC | Three Keys to Fitness Success

This content was created for Colaw Fitness.

Are you searching for the lowest price gym in OKC? Look no further because at Colaw Fitness two people can work out, tan, get massages, use locker rooms, and receive fitness and nutrition instruction all for as low as five dollars per month. Colaw Fitness knows what it takes to have fitness success. At our gym, we make all that possible for as little as five dollars per month. Come in any time or give us a call at 918-331-0404.

If you talk to anyone that has accomplished their fitness goals, then they will tell you it takes consistency, motivation, and hard work. Colaw Fitness offers the tools to achieve fitness success without breaking the bank.

Firstly, let’s talk about consistency. At Colaw Fitness we love to reward our members’ consistency. In fact, if members attend our facilities at least twelve days per month or more, then they qualify to receive their monthly membership rate as low as five dollars per month. Twelve days per month would average about three days per week. This is a great place to start to develop a healthy habit. Furthermore, you can hear more about these tips from our Colaw Fitness owners, Amber and Charles Colaw. In some of their podcasts you’ll hear them make the suggestion to work out the same time every day so that you develop that healthy habit at the same time every day.

Lowest Price Gym in OKC

Besides being the lowest price gym in OKC, Colaw Fitness is a twenty four hour fitness center. Additionally, Colaw Fitness OKC offers free locker rooms for all members and their guests. The added conveniences of twenty four hour access and locker rooms makes it possible to grab a workout even for some of the busiest schedules. These options allow members to grab a workout before work, during a lunch break, or even on their way to their next activities. Simply bring what you need to get ready and use our locker rooms.

Furthermore, Colaw Fitness currently has five locations in four states. Any check ins at any of these locations counts toward the twelve check ins to qualify for the incredibly low priced reward membership. Don’t worry, we keep track of check ins for you. However, if you would like to see your progress, then simply log in to our easy to use online member portal. If you have any questions, please contact our friendly customer service department. They will be happy to assist you.

Secondly, let’s discuss how the lowest price gym in OKC provides motivation to Colaw Fitness members. The Colaw Fitness motto is you are worth it. We strive to help you believe that by intentionally decorating with positive words and phrases. These words and phrases are meant to motivate, inspire, and encourage you. Whether you are crushing a workout or enjoy the massage chairs, we strive to help you remember you are worth it. Additionally, we stream Christian music at all locations. We hope this music choice will encourage you as much as it does us.

Additionally, check out our YouTube channel for special messages from the owners of Colaw Fitness, Amber and Charles Colaw. They use this platform to help develop growth physically, mentally, and spiritually. This podcast is meant to encourage and inspire. In fact, they often give shout outs or member wins to congratulate the success of our members. The podcast covers topics from fitness to personal development such as becoming a leader. Be sure to subscribe for updates.

Lastly, let’s talk about your ability to achieve hard work at the lowest price gym in OKC. Colaw Fitness has a variety of cardio equipment, resistance machines, and free weights. Examples of cardio equipment include treadmills, ellipticals, rowing machines, stair climbers, and a variety of bike options. If these pieces of equipment seem overwhelming, then stop in and speak to our friendly staff at the front desk. They can assist you in signing up for free orientation.

We offer orientation for resistance machines and for cardio equipment. These classes are completely free. In fact, we encourage our members to bring a friend any time and as often as they would like. This includes to the orientation too. We simply request that you would sign up your guest in advance so that we would prepare the proper amount of materials and so that we can keep the class size to a desirable amount as to provide the best possible instruction.

Colaw Fitness does not stop there though. Just because we might be the lowest price gym in OKC does not mean we will skimp on the helpful instruction. We want to see our members succeed. In fact, Colaw Fitness has a special program called the CF-30. This program is designed to help CF-30 attendees lose body fat and get lean within thirty days. This is accomplished by following a nutrition plan and a fitness regimen. Colaw Fitness suggests a low carb, low fat, but high protein diet.

This is explained in detail by our staff at the CF-30 course. Next the CF-30 course will walk through a workout regimen for all attendees of the CF-30 course. Upon completion of the instruction, each attendee will receive a simple to follow journal. Similarly to orientation, members and guests are able to attend for free but must sign up for the course at the front desk.

In conclusion, you do not have to pay big bucks to get started on your fitness journey today. Come down to our twenty four hour fitness center where Colaw Fitness will encourage you to have self care and help you to know that you are worth it. In summary, with Colaw Fitness you can achieve your fitness success by being consistent, staying motivated, and working hard. Don’t forget, you can bring a friend too. Stop in at the front desk or give us a call with any questions at 918-331-0404.