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Lowest price gym OKC | How to lose fat off butt and thighs | Colaw Fitness

Hey, this is Charles and Amber Colaw here with the fitness tip of the week.


The question is how do I lose weight off my butt and dice? That is the,

how do you lose weight on your button thighs?

That’s the question of the year for all you girls out there, we’re going to find out the answer.

Okay. Uh, losing weight on your hips and thighs. Button thighs. Women are primarily store weight in their hips and thighs. It’s the first place their body starts to store right in their mid twenties, and they hold that until they’re probably mid to late forties and then estrogen starts to reduce and they do lose some of that as you age too. So it’s more of a estrogen response in the body and you actually hypertrophy when you work out, you actually build your hips and thighs faster than you will your upper body.

So you become kind of an unbalanced, more pear shape. It’s very common. And so a lot of girls would do like heavy squats and heavy lifting to, to, to work all of that area and actually hypertrophy. So I perked her feeds or in base makes the muscles larger. That’s the term for building up of muscle mass.

So at hypertrophies the muscles in the glutes and the thighs and then they’re still training the rest of the body. But that seems to grow a lot faster. So the way that I have clients trained and I’ve trained for fitness competitors and people that are wanting to get in shape, we actually do a high rep, 20 to 50 reps of just like body weight squats and then 20 reps of like walking lunges one direction and walking lunges back one direction.

And then they do another 50 body squats and 20 lunches. They’re 20 lunches back. So it’s like sets of 20 to 50 reps, um, to really just mainly tone up and do full range of motion stuff. And then cardio. And then other than that, I really don’t do a lot of heavy training. There’s no massive glute work. There’s no heavy squatting because their body’s actually just built up too much down there and become a lower body dominant.

And then they train their upper body like, like a guy they’d trained in more of an eight to 15 rep range, heavier weights to really build up their body and then they look more symmetrical so they’re more even. And so a lot of girls want to look where their arms and their upper body matches a low body all symmetrical. So we actually tone down the button thighs, but mainly body weight exercises and then heavy weight training on the upper body.

Some great fitness tips too where we talk about, I’m not trying to target those areas, you know, for specific weight loss. So watch those as well.

Yes. And that’s a fitness difference. And then the dietary part, when you’re in that category, I call it the stubborn middle age woman category. It’s a stubborn loser category. It’s just harder to lose. And I’m sorry, life’s not fair. It is harder.

So you gotta be really strategic with the diet, really strategic with the food. Do the CF 30 diet, do the CF workout up the reps to 20 to 50 reps. On all the weight training stuff on the leg portion of it. And then kick up that cardio to 500 calories a day and you’ll be on track to being fit and toned and losing that hips and thighs. So that’s Charles. Never Cola with a, and have a blessed week. Bye bye.

Lowest price gym OKC

Lowest price gym OKC