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New Gyms in OKC | Healthy in 2020

This content was written for Colaw Fitness

Colaw Fitness is a new gyms in OKC and is excited about what’s to come. The year 2020 has brought a lot of disappointment. It has closed businesses, separated loved ones, kept people inside of their homes. We grieve with those who are saddened and discouraged in this time. However, we have hope. We see glimpses of light with each passing day. As our communities continue to shelter-in-place, they become increasingly stir crazy. We have seen so many more members of our communities outside getting active than ever before.

We truly believe that one of the silver linings in this tragedy is that America is ready to be more active. People are ready to say no more to sedentary lifestyles. What better time to be a new gyms in OKC? Here at Colaw Fitness, we’re ready to help you with that! If this is true of you, and you’re ready to take this leap into activity, call us at 918-766-3353. We’d be more than happy to answer questions and provide information.

Colaw Fitness is a fitness center aiming at holistic health for everyone. We wish to provide you with tool and an environment that foster growth. We aim for growth in all areas, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Our utmost goal is to make Jesus famous and love people. Times are hard. It seems that times in 2020 are even harder. But we want to be there for you! Even before any pandemic, we saw life weigh heavy on a lot of people. We see it time and time again. A person comes in to Colaw Fitness, feeling down and discouraged.

New Gyms in OKC

Life has been hard. They’re seeking a change, grasping for something, and hoping we can help. In just a short time, we see their demeanor change! All of a sudden, they’re more confident. They’ve got a little more pep to their step! They’re smiling, making eye-contact, and walking tall. This is our greatest hope for our members. That Colaw Fitness can leave a positive impact on not just your outer appearance, but your inner life. We’re ready to provide that for Oklahoma City, opening a new gyms in OKC.

We provide gym equipment that is clean and accessible to all individuals. There is no need to have workout experience. Our staff is available to you as trainers! No matter what type of workout you’re looking for, we can help you. Find one of our staff members at our front desk and we have handouts we can provide you. We provide private tanning rooms for your convenience. You can work out and tan all for one low fee! No need to pay more money for a tanning package somewhere else. We’ve got it all here for you.

We even have massage chairs and beds here to relieve you of stress. It’s part of how we help you reach better emotional health. Did I mention that this is an all-inclusive package, for as low as $5 a month? The other new gyms in OKC don’t offer a deal this good. All of these things aim at helping individual’s meet a goal. Whatever your goal may be, let us help you! It’s easier to see how Colaw Fitness helps toward physical and emotional health. But you may be wondering where spiritual health comes in to play.

Spiritual health is slightly more obscure. As mentioned before, our goal is to make Jesus more known in our communities. We are Christians and our Christian worldview shapes the culture of our gym. This is true of all of our gyms, not just the new gyms in OKC. However, spiritual health is not necessarily tied to any certain religion. Spiritual health is more about transcendence than it is about attending a certain church service. Transcendence refers to existence or experience beyond the normal physical level. In other words, it’s the realization that there is more to life than just your embodiment.

Your body is important, yes! We should take care of our bodies. Hence, why we’re a fitness center! But we want to care for more than just your physical body. We want to care for you, as a whole person. What is it that makes you feel more alive, that awakens something within you that felt brand new? What is it that makes you feel restful and safe? Because at Colaw Fitness, these conversations are welcome. We care about these things. We strive for physical, emotional, and spiritual health!

This is somewhat hard to foster in a gym environment. You might have guessed that. Most people walk into the gym and are just looking for a good workout. Of course, that’s okay! Because that’s our main function as a business. Get active, build stronger muscles, tone up, get lean, run further, etc. There are tons of different physical goals that our members present to us. That’s awesome! However, we still strive to provide space for emotional and spiritual growth as well. That’s why you’ll find Bibles at our front desk. These Bibles are free to anyone at any time. Because we believe in the teachings and wisdom of Jesus found in the Bible.

We love the opportunity to provide that for any one of our members! However, as mentioned before, all spiritual conversation is welcome. Let’s have a conversation about what it is that ‘wakes you up’ per say. We also want to give space for emotional health. We know that dozens, if not hundreds, of our members are going through a tough time on any given day. A lot of times life brings stress, hardship, and discouragement more than it brings relief and joy. But when someone walks into our gym, we want them to feel seen, known, and cared for. We want them to hear positive uplifting music, because that may be the only positive to their day.

I hope that you have found Colaw Fitness compelling enough to give it a shot. While we’re a new gyms in OKC, we consider ourselves more than just a gym. So give us the chance to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be. Give us a call today at 918-766-3353 for more information.