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New Gyms in OKC | The Holy Sabbath

This content was written for Colaw Fitness

At Colaw Fitness’ new gyms in OKC, we want our members and staff to honor the sabbath. Our mission is to make Jesus famous and to change lives. Therefore, we believe that rest is life giving because God blessed it. Thus, we encourage our members to take at least one day of the week to do nothing. Now, when we say nothing, we do not mean binge-watch Netflix all day long. We mean that you should take at least one day a week to simply exist and delight. When we delight, we celebrate the world around us. It is incredibly important to do this. We believe that it is important because it is a blessing on our lives.

Similarly, we believe that it places the rest of our week of work into a state of blessing. This is the divine ordering that God offered to us on the first page of the Bible. It does not matter what kind of people that we believe that we are. We hear on a regular basis that people are simply too busy to take a day away from work. This is a decision that they can make, but we fail to see the repercussions of our actions. Often times, this leads to burnout or worse, an emotional breakdown. It is not abnormal these days for people to go through this. Call us at 918-766-3353 for more information.

In the west in the twenty-first century, mental breakdowns are a very common thing. Our entire culture functions at a frenetic pace in which we value busyness. When you ask someone how they are doing, they often respond that they are good. However, they often add that they are simply busy all the time. Even if their lives are boring and uneventful, they say that it is busy. This is because our culture values busyness. We are impressed when a person says that they do not take a day off. Similarly, the earlier that a person wakes up, the more productive we believe that they are. What is interesting is that our productivity drops off once we pass fifty hours of work per week.

New Gyms in OKC

Studies show that 87% of people work over forty-five hours per week. The same can be said for the gym. We see people regularly exercising every day of the week. This often comes out of a deep desire to take control of our own lives. Similarly, control is a deep value of American culture. We simply call it liberty and move on. Yet, we are missing out on an incredibly important part of our lives. By working every day of the week, we miss out on a generous gift from God. Similarly, our mental and emotional state begins to suffer as a result. This is why we encourage our members in our new gyms in OKC to take at least one day away. It becomes a beautiful day in our week.

By taking one day out of our week, we have a day where we delight in the world around us. Not only do we allow our bodies to rest, we also have a day to reconnect it to our mind. By doing this, this day becomes a delight in our lives. We have the opportunity to sit back and rest in the presence of divine love that we call Jesus. By doing this, we allow our minds the space to stop focusing on our checklists. Our minds are continuously focused on completing our checklists. We exist in a twenty-four-hour news cycle that never leaves our minds. Therefore, we find ourselves existing at a frenetic pace racing towards burnout. It is our intention to allow our members to rest as much as possible.

By doing so, we allow our bodies to recuperate after the incredible pressure that we put it under. Often times, we spend the first half of the week reflecting back on this day. Additionally, we spend the latter half of the week looking forward to the Sabbath. Thus, we encourage our members to take this day and simply enjoy it. You can always workout six days a week in our new gyms in OKC. Six days will be plenty to get in a great workout that will see results. Therefore, it is wise to allow your body to rest on that one day. With this in mind, it is a core value of who we are at our new gyms in OKC.

The life that Jesus has to offer will be for our greatest benefit. This is what we hope to share with all of our members. We are not looking to rope people into our dogmatic theology. Simply put, we want people to experience the life changing love of Jesus of Nazareth. At Colaw Fitness, we have experienced this deeply and it has moved us to action. We do not allow any of our members to leave our facility without being taken care of.

Our team makes sure that nobody slips through our fingers. Similarly, every person will be loved as if they are the highlight of our day. Thus, we want to open up the gift that is the Sabbath to them. We have the opportunity to slow down and stay still for a little while. This seems to be what everyone says that they want anyways. Therefore, we encourage our members to rest regularly in our new gyms in OKC.

In conclusion, the Sabbath is not a command, nor is it a sin to not keep it. However, by ignoring it, we miss out on a deep blessing on our lives. We miss out on the opportunity to delight in the world around us. Thus, we do this by simply remaining still. Of course, it will take practice. We are by your side for every step along the way. Yet, by practicing this discipline, we get to enjoy the harvest of reward that it brings. We hope that you will consider joining our new gyms in OKC. Call us today for more information at 918-766-3353. Grace and peace to you.