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OKC Gyms|Bring a Friend For Free

This content was written for Colaw Fitness.

Are you looking for OKC gyms? Maybe you’re looking for one that’s really supporting and encouraging? You should check out Colaw Fitness in OKC Gyms. They play uplifting music and they have a great positive uplifting environment. Plus, you can bring a friend for free, everyday here at OKC Gyms. That’s one of the best ways to stay motivated and encouraged. Having a friend to go to the gym with will lead to great results too. It’s kind of like in the Big Bang Theory, when Sheldon wants to take up running he asks Penny to go running with him. He knew he would have a better chance of succeeding if he went with a friend.

Wondering what else Colaw Fitness has to offer over other OKC gyms? Colaw Fitness offers messages and your friend can message for free too. It’s a great relaxing experience because the two of you can sit together in the message bay and get your messages at the same time. You can sit and chat, watch TV, read a book, listen to a podcast, scroll instagram, or get pinning and pin your healthy meals for later. Want to check it out for yourself? Take a tour today or if you have any questions call 918-331-0404.

Speaking of healthy meals, did you know that Colaw Fitness offers a nutrition plan? Yep, all you have to do is head to the front desk and ask for the CF-30 program. It’s so easy to use and outlines exactly what you need to do and eat to lose 10 to 30 pounds of body fat in 30 days. Sounds like a good plan? I think so too. You can also do the nutrition plan with a friend, because accountability will help you reach your goals even soon. Plus, if you start writing down your goals, you are more likely to achieve them. When you wake up each day, write down your top 5 goals for the day and set yourself up for success. Including checking out Colaw Fitness, one of the best OKC gyms.

OKC Gyms

Back to the nutrition plan, it outlines which veggies to eat, which proteins to eat and even when to eat them. If you stick to the plan completely you’re guaranteed to lose weight. It also outlines a workout plan, which is great to do with a friend because it outlines which machines to use and how many reps and set to do for each workout. The program makes it so easy. It even tells you where to keep your heart rate during your cardio sessions to get the best burn. Plus, there are so many different cardio machines to choose from; treadmills, bikes, and ellipticals. You can choose your favorite and then workout with your friend.

After you’ve finished your cardio session, it’s time to check out the weights. Feeling intimidated? Ask one of the front desk associates if you have any questions. There are tons of machines to choose from and you can also use free weights. Machines help to maintain good form, but if you’re feeling ambitions try out those free weights. You can do lots of lower body and upper body workouts with free weights including things like lunges, squats, lateral lunges, deadlifts, tricep curls, and even more! There is even a place to do pull ups. Pull ups are great.

After your workout, you and your friend can go get a tan too. Colaw Fitness offers free tanning and has stand up and lie down beds, so you can choose which you prefer. Not sure which one you would like best, give them both a try. And if you don’t have tanning goggles or tanning lotion, don’t you worry. You can purchase your goggles and lotion at the front desk. Plus, all front desk associates are super friendly and always ready and willing to help you.

They are even able to help you figure out which tanning lotion is best for you if you have tattoos. Do you know of any other OKC gyms this great? The tanning rooms are so easy to use too. There is no need to get stressed or overwhelmed if you’ve never tanned before. There are directions right inside the room that tell you exactly how to use the bed. You simply lie down in the bed, hit the red button to select how many minutes you would like to tan and then hit the green button to start. Don’t forget those tanning goggles though, you want to keep your eyes safe.

Did you know that Colaw Fitness gives out free month coupons too. Do other OKC gyms do that? If you have a free month coupon you can sign up for a free month. If you have a free month coupon and sign up for a membership you can get your first two months free. Speaking of promotions. Have you heard of our member appreciation night. It’s so fun! It’s the first monday of every month, there is free ice cream, lots of fun stuff and if you come to sign up on that night you get your first three months free. It’s great!? If you get three friends to sign up on that night you get a free year membership credit. If you’re looking for one of the best OKC gyms, I think you’ve found it with Colaw Fitness.

Anyways, you can have a great, uplifting experience at Colaw Fitness, because Colaw Fitness isn’t just about meeting basic needs, they’re about creating a quality uplifting fitness environment that glorifies God. Their mission is to make Jesus famous and change lives. You can buy Colaw Fitness t-shirts at the front desk, as well as bottles, bags, water, and energy drinks. And if you’re interested in getting a free item you can leave a google review and get a free bag or bottle.

It’s super easy too. All you need to do is head to the front desk and let an associate know that you’re interested in a free item and they will walk you through the steps of how to get your free item. Once you’ve posted your review you can receive a free bag or bottle. Still wondering about OKC gyms? Check out Colaw Fitness or give us a call at 918-331-0404.