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OKC Gyms | Colaw Over COVID

This content is written for Colaw Fitness

Social distancing won’t hold back one of the best OKC gyms. Can you imagine the world where the streets are deserted, the word “quarantine” isn’t something you just hear in the movies, and a sneeze seems to be more of a threat than a gunshot? Well, welcome to the year 2020, this year sounds like the perfect year for a worldwide pandemic to occur. This virus has been closing down schools, sporting events, and almost all social gatherings. This virus is called COVID-19 or the coronavirus disease of 2019, and it first appeared in Wuhan, China.

We must know what this virus is and how to go about it. The symptoms of this disease are fever, shortness of breath, and coughing. These symptoms appear about 2-14 days post-exposure. It spreads through person to person contact with people typically within six feet of each other. It can also spread through respiratory droplets from infected people when they cough or sneeze. To protect yourself and those you love, it is recommend that hands are wash often for 20 seconds. If this option isn’t available, then use hand sanitizer. While doing these things, avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. To remain a gold standard for OKC gyms, we take pride in how we clean our machines and stations. To provide the cleanest fitness environment for you.

Cleaning the outside of our bodies are just, if not more, as important as cleaning the inside of our bodies. This is where our immune system comes into action. Want a better chance of fighting illnesses? Want to recover faster from a tough exercise? The key is to improve your body’s ability to protect and preserve you. How can strengthen your immune system? You can boost your immune system in a multitude of ways. By eating a healthy diet that is high in fruits and vegetables, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, and minimizing stress.

OKC Gyms

Before going into depth, we need to know what the immune system is and also what it does for us. The immune system is a system of special sales and organs that fight infections. Some of the major parts of the immune system are antibodies, the bone marrow, white blood cells, and the spleen. We know what you are thinking. The spleen? What is bone marrow? The spleen is basically an organ that filters blood which removes and destroys old damaged red blood cells. It can also produce antibodies. The bone marrow is spongy like tissue inside of your bones. this produces the red blood cells that carry the oxygen we need in our bodies, and the white blood cells used to fight infections.

Now you know what is the amazing system keeping your body alive, we can dive in. When it comes to eating a healthy diet, this probably one of the most important routines to maintain because this is what helps cells become what they need to be. Foods like citrus fruits, red bell peppers, and broccoli are recommend. They are pack in vitamin C which boosts immune systems and helps maintain healthy skin.

Deficiencies in vitamins like zinc, selenium, iron, copper, folic acid, and vitamins A, B6, C, and E can take a toll on the body if not treated properly. Many OKC gyms may not practice or teach this to their members. Here at Colaw Fitness, we take a great deal of pride in educating our members that we offer free nutrition plans so that you may withstand any virus that comes into contact with you.

Exercising regularly allows you to continue being the best person you can be. Exercise can reduce the number of bacteria in your lungs. Which helps lower the chances of getting an illness like a cold or flu. it also causes white blood cells to circulate in your body more often. White blood cells are the cells that fight illnesses in your body and if they are moving around in your body more often they can find and kill illnesses faster.

We doubt any OKC gyms are just giving out white blood cells to their members. But we can assure you that Colaw Fitness will aid you in helping your own body take care of the cells you have currently. Also, stress can also increase the chance of illness and exercise is a great stress reliever to calm your mind and body.

Having a poor sleep schedule can most definitely affect your immune system. Studies have shown that those who don’t get quality sleep I’m more likely to get an illness like the common cold. While are you are asleep your immune system releases proteins in the body that help fight infection, information, and stress. Lack of sleep can reduce the number of these proteins being released which also affects other antibodies and sales that also fight infections. The amount of sleep for most adults is 7 to 8 hours every single night. wild teenagers and smaller children need 9 or more. Many OKC gyms may not be able to be flexible to these sleep schedules but we are because of our 24-hour access to all of our facilities.

Stress is probably the least expected Factor that can affect an immune system. stress actually makes us more vulnerable to illness because our body releases hormones to prepare for whatever stressful situation we are in. While these hormones are being release, it is going to somewhere else instead of helping our immune system function. Because stress can pile up and happen day today this can lead to even more severe health issues. so how do you combat this? The first thing is to always think positive.

Studies have shown people who feed themselves positive thoughts begin to live a positive life. Another way to combat this is through relaxation exercises such as yoga. This connection with the body and the mind can prevent stress while keeping you strong. We also understand that choosing the best facility out of all the OKC gyms can be stressful. Come inside Colaw Fitness for a healthier and exceptional experience.