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OKC Gyms | Muscle Magic | Colaw Fitness Oklahoma City

Content written for Colaw Fitness

It is about that time of year where the weather is getting warmer and the muscles begin to come out. Of course, you want to participate in the gun show so you began searching for OKC gyms near you. Boom! Colaw Fitness appears and you see that it is only five bucks a month so you sign up. Uh oh, you are there with your compression shirt and shorts on but don’t know where to start.

Before every great journey, there is a why behind it. You may want to get stronger, fit better into that shirt, or just find a productive hobby. Whatever your reasons may be, there are some benefits you might not have thought of. Studies show weight training can have an effect on your mental health just as much as your physical health. It can lower anxiety and depression while boosting your self-confidence. It can improve the quality of your sleep because of the increased need for recovery. And it could also add some years to your life due to the overall health being improved.

Now you know why, you need to know what to do when it comes to getting a stronger upper body and core. A few good upper body workouts include bench press, incline dumbbell press, dumbbell curls, and dips. Here at Colaw Fitness, we have a variety of dumbbells and machines you can use that completes all of your upper body workouts. Now it’s time to get those washboard abs, but let me tell you a secret. Everyone has abs, the trick is to reduce the body fat around the abs in order to actually see them. Some key ab workouts are crunches, flutter kicks, planks, and sit-ups. You will need a good amount of floor space in order to do these workouts and we can supply that for you for five bucks a month at one of your favorite OKC gyms, Colaw Fitness.

Now that the gun show is in full effect, we can not forget the lower half of your body. This part of the body typically gets ignored because it is not in “style”. But actually having a stronger lower body can help improve the strength of your upper body and core. Exercises like squats, lunges, calf raises, and leg press can really increase the strength of your legs. If you feel light-headed or have a loss of breath, don’t be worried because the blood in your body is rushing to your legs to help it perform the exercise you are doing.


When it comes to training your body, you want progression over perfection. This is where the term progressive overload comes into play. This means adding more weight over time as your muscles begin to adapt. Another thing that is very important is the form you use during your exercises. This is very important when you want to focus on certain muscles. If you use the wrong form it is possible you will be wasting energy on another muscle group than what you wanted. It is also important because bad form can. Increase your chances of getting injured a lot more. Not many OKC gyms will be willing to train you on this and many more. Our clubs have these for your convenience at no extra charge.

Remember when your parents told you to eat your vegetables? Yeah, they were right. Your nutrition can make or break your fitness progress because what you put in your body fuels, repairs, and grows your muscles. Nutrition like protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats are what help get those big muscles you are working for. Many OKC gyms may not pay attention to what you put into your body. Here at Colaw Fitness, we value what you put into your body because we know that it will affect what comes out.

Since we see the importance of this. Nutrition plans are included in your membership here. You are now in a consistent routine of training your upper and lower body but now you feel a little sluggish. Your energy is lower, your will to even go to the gym is lower or maybe you’re just too sore to even do a workout. this is common because these signs are our body telling us we need to rest and recover. There are multiple factors when it comes to recovering properly, it can range from your diet, how much sleep you have, and even how you shower.

When it comes to your diet, we now know that protein, vitamins, and a lot of water are some basic tools in helping repair muscle tissue. Sleep is probably the most overlooked and undervalued form of recovery. So please don’t believe that “sleep is for the weak”, this is actually the key component of stronger muscles and overall performance. Athletes like LeBron James sleeps around 8-9 hours of sleep every day in order to remain at his best. The best thing is that this recovery is free. Although we don’t recommend sleeping at any of the OKC gyms, at our facilities we have free HydroMessage chairs that are included in your membership.

Our bodies are composed of 60% water so it comes in very crucial that. We consider this in our recovery. Typical water treatments like ice baths have been used throughout the years to help with the inflammation and soreness of muscles. Not everyone has the time, patience, or willpower to endure such a chilling treatment. The replacement could simply be the temperature of your shower. A couple of benefits with cold showers can include stimulating your immune system, preventing colds, and speeding up metabolism. For hot showers, they help relax muscles, relieve nasal congestion, and reduce fatigue. Whatever you may choose, our facilities have private showers that will allow you to jumpstart on your recovery process.

Now you have a pretty complete checklist of what to do. t is time to get started. Remember to stay consistent, take care of your body, and educate yourself more and more as you progress through your fitness journey. Don’t forget as you are scrolling through a catalog of OKC gyms, that Colaw Fitness has all your needs and more for only five bucks a month. There is no magic in muscle, you will have to earn it. Are you ready?