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Oklahoma City Fitness Center | Self Care Without Breaking the Bank

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Check out the new Oklahoma City fitness center, Colaw Fitness OKC! With our all inclusive low priced membership, you can be sure to treat yourself without breaking the bank. Treat your friend too. All Colaw Fitness memberships allow every member to bring a guest for free. Therefore, two people can workout, tan, get massage, use the locker rooms, and receive fitness and nutrition instruction for as low as five dollars per month. Plus our facilities are open and staffed twenty four hours per day. Don’t wait any longer. It is time to do something special for yourself. Come in to sign up for your self care today. Give us a call with any questions at 918-331-0404.

If you ask our members what they think makes us a great Oklahoma City fitness center, then they will tell you many things. Don’t just take our word for it. Check out our YouTube videos with member reviews. Some top things our members frequently mention is the positive atmosphere. Our members dote on our staff. Honestly, we think they’re pretty incredible too. Colaw Fitness intentionally sets the tone of the Oklahoma City fitness center to be a positive atmosphere. We strategically do this by having great staff, displaying positive and uplifting words or phrases to keep you inspired, and streaming Christian music. Our company is built on Christian principles. We find hope in Christ and hope that you do too.

Some of the best self care you can have is physical fitness. This starts at the table. What you eat is incredibly important. If you aren’t on track yet for physical fitness, don’t worry. Colaw Fitness offers a thirty day program called the CF-30. This program was designed to help members get lean and lose body fat. We help members do this by educating them in fitness and nutrition. In fact, every attendee for the free CF-30 course is given a nutrition and fitness regimen to follow. Additionally, if you want instruction for how to use any equipment in our facility, simply sign up for our free orientation at the front desk. One of our awesome staff members will be happy to teach you how to use the cardio and resistance machines.

Oklahoma City Fitness Center

Furthermore, your self care needs to remain consistent. Be consistent on your food and be consistent on your workouts. Here’s the deal with Colaw Fitness. We know consistency is key to meeting fitness goals. Therefore, we offer a super sweet incentive for our reward based memberships. If members attend our facilities at least twelve days per month, then they receive a membership price as low as five dollars per month. This would average about three days per week. Sounds pretty doable, right? If you just started thinking of all the things on your schedule that would be a goal blocker, forget about them. All Colaw Fitness facilities are open twenty four hours per day.

Colaw Fitness has five locations in four states. Members of Colaw Fitness have access to all of these locations. Attending a different location will still count towards the twelve check ins for the month too. Though all locations are twenty four hour access, the original location, Bartlesville, is not necessarily staffed all twenty four hours. If you plan to visit a different facility, you are welcome to call ahead to ask any questions about that specific location.

Do you like to workout with a friend? Great! Since you may be pleased to know that you can bring your friend for free. Because all of our memberships are all inclusive. No membership levels here at Colaw Fitness OKC. What we have in our facility open to members is open to all members. For example, Colaw Fitness has a variety of workout equipment, tanning and massage units, and free instruction. All members and their guests may utilize all of these things.

What kind of workout equipment do we offer at our Oklahoma City fitness center? Colaw Fitness OKC offers a variety of cardio equipment like treadmills, ellipticals, rowing machines, stair climbers, and a variety of bikes. Furthermore, our members get full body workouts with our awesome resistance machines and free weights. If you do not feel comfortable tackling these types of workouts yet, then no problem. At Colaw Fitness, we offer free orientation for both cardio equipment and resistance machines. Additionally, if you would like further direction, then be sure to take the CF-30 instruction too. Similarly, you can sign up for both the orientations and CF-30 at the front desk.

At Colaw Fitness OKC, we offer two types of tanning units: stand up and lay down tanning beds. We do not require any appointments to use our tanning units. Furthermore, if you need tanning goggles or tanning lotions, then stop by the front desk where we keep these tanning supplies on hand available for purchase.

Additionally, all of our locations offer massage units. Though each of our locations are set up a little differently, you will find massage units of some sort. There will be a variation of chairs, loungers, or beds. These massagers do not require any appointments either. Plus guests of members can use these massage units too. This is just another great way to relax and enjoy your self care. Similarly, massage and tanning units are available twenty four hours per day.

In conclusion, with Colaw Fitness OKC, you can treat yourself to some awesome self care without having to break the bank. You can do this by being consistent with your fitness center attendance and taking the introductory courses. Remain consistent with your fitness and nutrition. Consistency will pay off with physical results. Furthermore, treat yourself to a relaxing experience with our massage units. Spread the joy by sharing these awesome benefits with a friend, absolutely for free. So come in to this new Oklahoma City fitness center any time or call us with any questions. You can call us at 918-331-0404.