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Oklahoma City Fitness Centers | Family Fitness For Fit And Flabby

This content written for Colaw Fitness

Come one, come all, the fitness leader of the Midwest has arrived to by your favorite of all Oklahoma City Fitness Centers! Colaw Fitness has been in the fitness industry for decades, but not as long here in “Oak City”. We are proud Oklahoman’s and real Midwestern folks, just like you. Call us right now at 417-437-9345 and hear the Colaw difference. Better even that you just drop everything and come see us. We’re always open and always staffed.

Colaw Fitness has made tens of thousands new family members and guests throughout the Midwest and the reviews are in. Colaw Fitness is the friendliest, cleanest, and has an amazing atmosphere. More than those Oklahoma City Fitness Centers you have tried and failed at, Colaw Fitness is investing in you. You are worth it. Your life, health, quality, and loved ones depend on you taking care of yourself. It’s the best thing you can do for the ones you love.

A healthy body starts and stays with a healthy mind. Spiritual health is also something Colaw Fitness is here to help you exercise. We offer you a membership for ONLY five dollars a month and you can always Bring A Friend For FREE. That’s like a BOGO! We have trainers and our CF-30® dietary program that are included with that price. EVERYTHING is included for that price. We know it is hard to believe, but it is a fact.

Oklahoma City Fitness Centers

Another fact is that most of our members used to be guests. More than half join the first time they visit and tell us they didn’t believe it until they came in to see in person. So are you in our parking lot yet? Periodically we have three-month free promotions, so go see if we have one going on right now. Ask how to get your YEAR of fitness for FREE. We have many members with multiple free years even. Lots of unbelievable things at Colaw Fitness and not at just any Oklahoma City Fitness Centers.

Even more unbelievable is that you can join, bring a friend, pay five dollars a month and do nothing but tan in our lay down or upright tanning units. We have all the supplies you need to stay bronze all year. Tanning can be quite beneficial to people ages 30-65 that lead a sedentary indoor lifestyle. Tanning can also aid in psoriasis and arthritis symptoms in some cases. You can both tan or do totally separate things. All one price. Amazing right?

So don’t settle for just any Oklahoma City Fitness Centers that promises a low price for limited access. Come to Colaw Fitness and find a serene atmosphere with a culture of love and kindness to all. We were founded on Christian principles and the Golden Rule is the atmosphere of Colaw Fitness, not gym stereotypes and annoyances. Ages 12 and up are welcome and comfortable to use any part of the facility as a member or guest. It’s a great place for working on homework while the other person gets a massage or maybe do both at once!

You will get the major benefits of massage options right at the touch of a button. Full body, hot points, before and after work out muscle relief. All ages and health standards love and benefit from massage. Massage is the one single easiest activity of any Oklahoma City Fitness Centers, but it isn’t always included at the lowest membership pricing. Shop carefully and then tour the top five options. Go at different times and days. Ask about peak times and the times that are most convenient to you. We are the dream gym you never knew you always want.

The diversity of our members, guests, and staff are unlike any other fitness center you have visited too. This is a serene oasis of health in a desert of apathy and pollution. We pride ourselves in doing everything different than just any Oklahoma City Fitness Centers has always done. With this in mind, come see our private restrooms with single showers built into each one. This one single thing is quite the attraction for so many people that have had enough of people stalking and staring, leering and glaring. No more showing off your body to anyone but your phone! Enjoy!

Yes, you can join and NEVER workout. We don’t care why you join because we have something for everyone! You can pay five dollars a month and just pop in after work for that release from a massage or the warm hug of a tan. Maybe your daughters are busy mandating bathroom real estate in the mornings and you just want a quiet place to take a hot shower and get ready in peace. Then get a massage if you feel like it. You can go to work with relaxation on your face and more able to fend off stress as it begins to chase you around your workplace.

Charles and Amber Colaw have established themselves as fitness leaders in the industry. Their programs and model of fitness centers is simply unique not only to Oklahoma City Fitness Centers, but everywhere they go. Their podcasts can be view on YouTube and throughout every facility. We also have various televisions with diverse programs and you can plug right in to the rows of cardio units and find one to keep you distracted through the miles.

So call us right now at 417-437-9345 and let us know your story. Maybe you’ll be the next Colaw Fitness motivational story playing on monitors wherever you look. You are worth it. Come make all your dreams come true and let us help. Before you join those other Oklahoma City Fitness Centers, also please read their reviews and make a list of what is important to you. Prioritize your goals, bring them to our trainers, and let us join you in having more success than you can even dream of right now. You are worth it.