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Oklahoma City Fitness Centers | More Health, Less Doctor Visits

This content written for Colaw Fitness

Are you shopping for Oklahoma City Fitness Centers? Well Colaw Fitness can tell you the secret to a healthier body right now: diet and exercise. We all know that right? It’s the valley between knowing and doing that we often loss track of ourselves. So many great food holidays in the winter months tempting us to violate the bodies we wish we had in the summer months. Call now, if you have any special requirements at 417-437-9345. Let us tell you more in person when you stop in to take a tour of our private showers and find out how to get your year for free!

The number one terminal disease for humans is heart disease. However, disease in general is taking us by the thousands every day. The 21st century has sedentary jobs leading to obesity as an occupational hazard. The trucking industry has observed this for decades. Fitness has to be committed to as much as any other investment you make with finances. Saving ten percent is as important as exercising 3 percent of your minutes. Your body needs this physical activity to make your mental activity more productive and make your spiritual being more calm. Stress is killing us through mood eating and insomnia. The world may seem to get busier, but it doesn’t mean it’s getting better.

We aren’t the oldest of the Oklahoma City Fitness Centers, but we’ve been organizing and studying fitness for decades. We know how to succeed and we’ve watched other gym owners fail from a lack of follow through and true concern for their members welfare. Even the now famous Dr. Phil was once a gym owner and after taking a lot of fees, he realized the bills would not get paid and had to close. So Colaw Fitness has taken the old 20th century model and cut out the cancers of the industry.

Oklahoma City Fitness Centers

Chronic diseases are the ultimate baggage. As we age or travel and interact with others we discover a dent here, a flake there, some rust and squeaking. Not all that, but it can feel that way on some cold winter days. You need a place filled with love, encouragement, serenity and respect. Are you seeing these in the other Oklahoma City Fitness Centers? If not, walk out. Walk away. You must feel comfortable and ready to get assistance if you are in trouble or just uneducated. We help each other and give each other privacy at the same time. We nod and smile at each other.

Colaw Fitness has diversity by the tens of thousands in our members, their guests, and our staff. Much like the diversity in the diseases destroying us like diabetes, cancer, obesity, COPD, and high blood pressure. You must take care of the “machine” for it to function at peak performance. Sure, we all have days with negative motivation and “dontwanna’s”. Adulting is difficult on a great day. So bring the kids and grandkids alike because everyone ages 12 and up is welcome. Try to teach the young the mistakes you may have made and let them gain the lifelong benefits of fitness and health.

Charles and Amber Colaw founded Colaw Fitness on Christian principles and giving back to the local and global communities. Come by and find out how to help build Water4Life wells in Africa. We are about so much more than just being your favorite of all Oklahoma City Fitness Centers. We partner with you and give you everything you need to keep coming back, paying only five dollars a month, and our encouraging Bring A Friend For FREE policy ensures you really are NEVER alone. Unless you want to be in the private showers.

With the cost of negligent health through our own actions, the healthcare burden is in the trillions of dollars. Unfortunately, this could all be invested in fitness and proper nutrition. Most disease in the world today was created by a lack of physical activity and malnutrition. Our species was created and designed to best function with daily activity and a high fiber and protein diet for peak performance. You can’t fight genetics. This will also give you a small frame or a larger frame and you cannot get smaller than your skeleton.

Now that humans are distributed all over the Earth, we have been able to study regional differences in people with the same genes. People is certain climates are more active, while people in other locations are more prone to sedentary lifestyles. Some of this is regional and much of it is social. “Birds of a feather flock together” is a fact. So if you want to get away from the gymtimidation of just any Oklahoma City Fitness Centers, come find your fitness home at Colaw Fitness.

Also you have heard how different food in different cultures are a direct result of longevity. Not only that, but the quality of your longer life will be much improved with just 30 minutes, three times a week. Maybe you want to grab a massage or hot private shower on the way home from work and that’s just fine too. No expectations and no rules about what you have to do. Just be you. Our dress code is modest and no need to buy anything special. Don’t worry about what everyone is thinking about you because they’re really just busy worrying about what you’re thinking about them. Relax at Colaw Fitness more than those Oklahoma City Fitness Centers just trying to get your money without giving you access to the entire building.

We treat everyone like family and are truly interest in your fitness journey past and present. Our staff is also diverse from professional athletes to lifelong weight battling happy losers. We have a place for you too. Colaw Fitness members and guests feel like family and that’s hard to find in just any gym, tanning salon, or massage professional. It’s all included for five dollars and it’s waiting for you right now. Let us give you more details at 417-437-9345 or just drive there right now and see for yourself because we’re always staffed.