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For every membership sold, we donate $1 to Water 4 Life Mozambique. Learn More

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  • Free Unlimited Tanning Units
  • Free Unlimited Massage Units
  • Free Trainer Instruction
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Oklahoma City Fitness Centers | Saving The World One Member At A Time

This content written for Colaw Fitness

Oklahoma City Fitness Centers are a different as the members inside of them. Shop no further because it is all in one place and we are saving the world together, one member at a time. Colaw Fitness is here for only five dollars a month and it includes access to the entire facility. Give us a call and find out more at 417-437-9345. Even better, just come take a tour and see for yourself that it’s all true and you always get to Bring A Friend For FREE!

First let’s start with the Water4Life project. The first dollar you pay goes toward building wells throughout Africa. Over 4 million people in the world perish from water related diseases. 844 million people do not have access to clean, safe drinking water. Water vital for a human to survive. Half of the hospital beds in the world are filled with victims of contaminated water consumption. So join Colaw Fitness and help save Mozambique, Uganda, and the Congo. We even have shirts you can buy that all proceeds benefit this nonprofit ministry.

Second, check with the other Oklahoma City Fitness Centers and see how they are giving back and paying it forward. Helping each other is the best way to get through life. Colaw Fitness has what the other gyms, fitness centers, and tanning salons have, but they do not have all that we offer, to be sure. We have also partnered with Justin “The Big Pygmy” Wren and his Fight For The Forgotten project also doing water projects in Africa. Not only that we are working in communities with him for anti-bullying campaigns.

Oklahoma City Fitness Centers

Colaw Fitness has decades of fitness experience for you to partake in at such a great value and to know you are helping people all over the world have a better quality of life. You can improve your quality of life through fitness and take advantage of everything in the facility for one low five dollars a month. Always bringing someone with you helps you both stay motivated. We welcome everyone ages 12 and up to come in as a guest or get a membership of their own. The sooner fitness is adopted as a weekly regimen, the more benefits gained for a happier, healthier life.

Of course, like any other Oklahoma City Fitness Centers, we have ALL the equipment you need to carve, sculpt, and sweat with. For example Aerobic balls, kettle bells, and stretch bands to rows of treadmills, ellipticals, and bicycles. Tons of plates of steel, barbells, and dumbbells await for your lifting to begin. We have a great circuit that even the beginner can get a full body workout on with no fitness experience at all.

Many of our members came as guests and joined the first day because they really didn’t believe it was all true. BELIEVE IT! Come take a tour and see for yourself. Find out about free swag, free merchandise, free membership months and years, and FREE FOOD! Colaw Fitness is so different from the other Oklahoma City Fitness Centers in atmosphere and staff. We care, we listen, and we love on everyone that walks in the door. Founded on Christian principles and giving away more than we get to help everyone locally and globally.

Our staff donates time, goods, and funding to local pantries, shelters, and churches on a weekly basis. We are consistently the highest rated and most reviewed fitness center in all of our markets. So you don’t have to JUST believe us, but you have to just believe it’s true. Because Colaw Fitness is about making sure you KNOW you are worth it. Worth the time invested to make yourself feel and look better. Taking care of yourself first is the most loving things you can do for the ones you love and assist daily.

Massage and tanning are also part of what is included for your five dollars a month. You can stay golden brown all year around. Also We sell bronzer single use packages, bottles, and tanning goggles right at the front desk, for your convenience. Massage is just an amazing easy way to shut out the world and tune in to peace. Use our free WiFi and stream a ten-minute meditation while getting a massage and see how great you feel afterwards.

We have rows of televisions to watch while moving along the cardio miles. We have lots of Colaw Fitness members and guests on monitors throughout helping to motivate you through their own personal successes. Since All bodies take maintenance and upkeep from the inside out. Our CF-30® dietary program and trainer instruction could be just what you need to get your motivation kicked in. All included for only five dollars a month and BRING THAT FRIEND! Same friend, different friend, just share the love that we have at Colaw Fitness and let them see how different we are from just any Oklahoma City Fitness Centers.

If you are just curious, we love that! No need to feel pressured, Colaw Fitness sells itself. Read those reviews, read the reviews of all the great Oklahoma City Fitness Centers. Find what’s important to you and please take care of yourself as soon as possible. Because Fitness is the key to a longer, healthier, quality of life. We know it’s great to look good too, but ultimately the better you take care of the inside, the better looking the outside will be for longer too.

Come take a tour and talk to other members. Find out what they love about Colaw Fitness and maybe you will too. How about private restrooms with showers built in and not a locker room in sight. Honestly, some people just take showers. Overcrowded stressful bathroom real estate can be avoided entirely by coming by, taking a nice hot shower, get a massage and go to work and be a superstar!

Call right now if you have any further questions at 417-437-9345. Hear the love in our voices and genuine concern for your health, along with the local and global communities and know we are all in this together.