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Oklahoma City Fitness Centers | The Best in The Midwest

This content written for Colaw Fitness

When it comes to Oklahoma City Fitness Centers, Colaw Fitness is simply the best of everything for you and your family. At five dollars a month and Bring a Friend For FREE, you won’t find a better value in health for your mind, body, and spirit. Give us a call right now to confirm at 417-437-9345, but better yet, take a staff guided tour of our facility day or night. Someone is there right now wanting to share the Colaw difference.

The reviews are in and Colaw Fitness has tens of thousands of them to refer you to. The “atmosphere”, the “friendliness”, the “cleanliness” are all right there for you to read about if you don’t want to believe us. Yes, five dollars a month for a fitness center membership at any of the great Oklahoma City Fitness Centers would be a bargain. The fact that it includes everything in the facility for you and your free workout buddy make is a value. It’s like a two for one membership, except you can bring a different person every time, if you choose. Any one ages 12 and up is welcome to start learning the benefits fitness add to quality and extension of life.

Colaw Fitness has decades of fitness experience and the facility equipped with knowledge and motivation, no matter your fitness goals. In fact, about one third of our members have never worked out in their life and still don’t. With so many options at Colaw Fitness, you can find what you need. Maybe you just want to keep a golden-brown tan all year long. Don’t pay for an expensive fitness membership just to get the tanning added in and don’t go to a specialty salon for basic bronzing. Other Oklahoma City Fitness Centers may charge you more to add tanning, so be careful when shopping. We have the lay down and upright equipment you need and sell the latest in natural moisturizing products and safety goggles too.

Oklahoma City Fitness Centers

Another part of the members that never workout group are the folks that are stressed out and want some basic relief. Ten minutes a day getting a massage, while listening to a relaxing meditation can change your entire body from the inside out. The benefits of massage are the least you can do to feel better completely. You know when you don’t take care of yourself first, you aren’t as able to look after those you love. Some members just stop in on their way home from work every day and steal a very few precious moments for themselves. It helps knead away the stress earned at work and get you ready to face whatever may wait at home for you.

Colaw Fitness is very much like the rest of the great Oklahoma City Fitness Centers in basic gym and fitness needs, so don’t be questioning the price. For five dollars a month and you can lift tons of steel and stretch miles of cables to carve out a shredded physique. If you are a lifelong gym member shocked at the price, then come take a tour or get a 24-hour day pass and take us for a test drive. We won’t let you down. You will also have access to a live trainer six days a week, included with your five dollars a month. We know it sounds too good to be true so we challenge you to prove it to yourself. Bring along a bestie and let them massage while you work out.

Another way that Colaw Fitness is like your more well-known Oklahoma City Fitness Centers is the gear. Fitness gear launched into trend status decades ago and continues to be a growing billion-dollar market around the industry. Fat and firm alike can appreciate some lycra after a pizza buffet. Colaw Fitness sells stylish men’s and ladies tank tops to show off your guns or cool down your cardio. We have mostly limited-edition prints that change seasonally, so when you see one catch your eye, grab it right away. We offer hoodies in various weights to keep heat in and cold out. There is always free swag at the front desk too. Even when you come take a free no-obligation tour, you can walk out with free stuff!

Colaw Fitness varies from the other Oklahoma City Fitness Centers in one giant way you will appreciate and enjoy sharing with your loved ones. We give back, give away. We pay it forward. So does our staff, our members and their guests. First we donate time, goods, and merchandise in local shelters, churches, and events. Next, part of every single membership goes to help build water wells in Africa. YOU ARE DOING THIS AS A MEMBER! Good for you! We also sell one shirt that all proceeds go directly to this project, if you’d like to get more involved. We visit these projects annually and they continue to grow and thrive, thanks to you!

What do you need to join an Oklahoma City Fitness Centers for today? Colaw Fitness wants you to join because you are worth it. You are worth the time it takes to invest in yourself. Put yourself first even if only 30 minutes, three times a week. Fitness is the ONLY investment that ABSOLUTELY pays you back! Your effort is immediately rewarded and your long-term investment is multiplied abundantly. Nice word, abundantly. Colaw Fitness is founded on the abundant principles of Christianity and loving on people. That won’t be found in just your same old fitness center. We have the motivation you need in a facility you look forward to coming to.

Lastly, we never like to let you leave without saying two words to you. “Private Showers”. You’ll be pretty hard pressed to find private showers in the other Oklahoma City Fitness Centers. But it’s something you can take for granted at all Colaw Fitness locations. You will have a private restroom and shower to relax in. That’s the last group of members we have that never workout. Maybe you can’t get shower time at home at want to relax before going to work. We are the place for you. So come take a tour or call us right now at 417-437-9345 and tell us what you need to know to join. Whatever you imagined in a fitness center, Colaw Fitness is still better than that. Come see for yourself.