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Oklahoma City Fitness Centers | What Do You Hate About Your Gym?

This content written for Colaw Fitness

We know there are lots of perfectly acceptable Oklahoma City Fitness Centers for you to look and feel better in. Why choose Colaw Fitness? Because we asked what you didn’t like, and what you did like. We multiplied the good, subtracted the bad, added lots of love and the sum of it all is your home for fitness for only FIVE dollars a month that includes EVERYTHING and Bring A Friend For FREE EVERYTIME! Give us a call at 417-437-9345 if you have personal questions, otherwise come in right now for a no obligation tour.

The number one thing everyone seems to hate about their current gym is naked people. Naked people parading nakedly through the locker rooms because they are proud? Mean? Oblivious? Hippies? No one is really sure, but the next time you see a very large woman dancing naked in the locker room, then you’ll know this problem has gone away. Dr. Sigmund Freud pretty much nailed down the theory that we are all just damaged children working through old trauma and the locker room PTSD seems to run pretty deep.

So if you don’t worry about walking naked through the locker room then the other Oklahoma City Fitness Centers may be just fine for you. For everyone else there are the private restrooms with built in individual showers inside of them at Colaw Fitness. WOW! Right? Sure, we have lockers, but they are in the hall where everyone else is, so bring your own lock or buy one at the front desk.

Oklahoma City Fitness Centers

Secondly everyone seems to hate grunting. Men or women expelling grotesque sounds like a medieval torture chamber victim. This is not necessary and not tolerated at Colaw Fitness. Our culture is love and respect for everyone, including yourself. Our dress codes are modesty oriented and we have created a peaceful oasis in the Oklahoma City Fitness Centers options.

Colaw Fitness has also discovered over and again that people hate “obnoxious gym people” of the stereotypes. Noisy, sweaty, social, creepy, and egotistical people seem to be in every Oklahoma City Fitness Centers fine establishments. We have designed a culture and atmosphere that these things simply have no place. We require modest dress codes compared to the other gyms and fitness facilities.

Colaw Fitness staff works out here too and they want a safe, serene, sanitary environment as much as our members and guests. We have disinfecting stations throughout the facilities for each person to use on equipment before and after. You should have a healthy place to work on your health. We are staffed around the clock to keep it clean, so come take a no obligation tour ANY time!

Unlike the other Oklahoma City Fitness Centers, we have THE MOST diverse group of staff, members, and guest in all of our locations. Likeminded people have come together for the great parts of a gym, fitness center, or tanning facility. A peaceful place with others helping each other, not offending each other. People come into Colaw Fitness from all over the world, various ethnic groups, and lifestyles. We have grandparents and grandchildren from ages 12 and up. We have MMA fighters, America’s Got Talent contestants, professional athletes and even the morbidly obese. Obesity is an epidemic we can cure together with love and dedication.

Another thing people to not like is feeling like they have to buy special clothing to fit in with the crowd. Colaw Fitness has all styles of dress and no one feels pressured to impress anyone with their wardrobe. We love everyone from the inside out! Everyone is perfect and beautiful to our staff and we partner with you to encourage your goals and motivate you to come back soon. Fitness is one of the few things in life that will exactly reward you for the effort and consistency you invest in it.

Many people are very dissatisfied with the pricing of their gym or tanning salon. You might find a low price in an online ad or on a billboard to only show up and find out that you only get access to a few things without paying three or four more times as much. Beware of this when sifting through the Oklahoma City Fitness Centers. Colaw Fitness offers you five dollars and month and Bring A Friend For FREE, so it’s almost like a two for one membership. Not only that, but you BOTH have access to EVERYTHING in the facility.

What’s even greater is the amazing free stuff Colaw Fitness has just for coming to visit and even more once you are there to find out about. It could be pens and decals or free months of membership. You can even walk in and get an entire year for free, so please ask how. Other Oklahoma City Fitness Centers may have freebies, but will they buy you dinner one night a month? Colaw Fitness celebrates life with all our members, guests, and curious community on Member Appreciation Night. We bring in food from local vendors and the entire staff shows up for selfies and fellowship.

You can be proud to join Colaw Fitness and we have tons of fashionable gear for you to buy right at the front desk. From tanks to hoodies, there’s something for all seasons. You can even buy a shirt dedicated to the Water4Life project and all proceeds go to help build wells in Africa. Part of every membership assists this project as well. You are not just joining a gym like any other Oklahoma City Fitness Centers. You are partnering with likeminded individuals to give back and pay forward. Your footprint brings light and love to all.

Call us right now at 417-437-9345 if you have any other questions about trainer assistance. Or dietary programs that are included with your five dollars a month membership. Thank you for considering Colaw Fitness. Have a blessed day. You are worth it.