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As you research Oklahoma City gyms, you will find out that Colaw Fitness is one of the best ones that prioritizes you and your needs. We have been around for 15 years and are constantly growing because our members love the way we function so much. We offer our members so many different benefits and charge them with the lowest prices you see compared to any other gems. We are founded based on two people who loved working out and Jesus. They want to spread that love for fitness and God to you in one or several other five locations.

Charles, the founder of Colaw Fitness, loved working out with his wife which is why we offer all of her members the ability to bring a friend to work out with them. We know the importance of having an accountability partner to help you get to the gym every day or as often as you wish you could get your workout in. After the gym to you and your free guest can both take advantage of our tanning and massage services. We want you feeling strong and looking your best all year round. Also you want more than just working out, the take advantage of our benefits of free training and nutrition. We’ll give you a nutrition plan to help you lose weight and look your best. We’re going to be different than any of the other Oklahoma City gyms because we prioritize you.

Will also have one of the lowest prices for membership compared to other Oklahoma City gyms. We charge our members between five or $10 a month depending on which membership they would like. The pricing depends on you and how often you wish to come to the Oklahoma City gyms are five dollar membership is based on how may times to come to the gym. If you come to the gym at least 12 times a month, you will only pay five dollars for your membership. However if you’re signed up for this membership income less than 12 times, then you’ll be charged $20 for that month. This is to help amortize your health in motivate you to get to the gym.

Not only do we prioritize our members, but we prioritize giving back. This is why for every membership that we have we will donate one dollar to order number for life. This is a company that goes to Africa and builds wells for those who need water. We Veritas give me back because we know the importance of helping others

If you are working yourself also helping others, they give us a call today at 405-838-1644 or visit our website, Colawfitness.com, today to learn more about our memberships and how you can become best version of yourself.

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If you’re wanting to get plugged into Oklahoma City gyms today than come into our Oklahoma City location and we will get you signed up immediately. Our members have access to our gym 24 hours a day seven days a week. So if you’re waiting it started, to give us a call at 405-838-1644 or visit her website, Colawfitness.com to you to say. You can also walk into our location and we can get you your membership going. We have two differential options for you and lots of benefits that come along with each membership. We have five locations free to choose from and you’re more than welcome to go to any of them at any time.

Our two membership options consists of five dollar monthly or $10 monthly fee which will give you access to all the benefits for both memberships but one of them may motivate you to come to the gym more than the other. Are five dollar membership is only one dollar to start encourage to come to the gym because if you come less than 12 times then you will be charged $20 for that month. This is to help encourage you to get to your Oklahoma City gyms and be the best version of you that you can be.

If you give us a call at 405-838-1644 will be ready to answer any questions that you may have. You also want her website, Colawfitness.com, and the cut dress warm and we will in contact with you as soon as he possibly can. You can also just walk into her locations which we have listed on your website. We are located in Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, in Texas. We are constantly expanding to make sure you give us a call to see which location is closest to you. Our newest location was just built in our Oklahoma City gyms.

Some of the great benefits that come along with our membership that you can bring a friend in for free every Sunday. We love the idea of having an accountability partner. You and your friend can also have unlimited tanning and massages before or after workout. Will also offer you free training in nutritional information to help you be your help yourself. You can also join us in appreciating our members the first Monday of every month for our member appreciation day. If you bring three friends and they all sign up on a member appreciation day then you’ll get a free membership for an entire year.

If you’re ready to make Colaw Fitness your home, to give us a call at 405-838-1644 or visit our website, Colawfitness.com, or can enter location today to get your fitness journey started. Our team of traders and employees are so excited to help you and encourage you throughout your fitness journey at Colaw Fitness.We’re here to encourage you and support you throughout this healthy process of becoming fit. This is why another one of her benefits includes free training to teach you all the different aspects of fitness and how to be your best. We also will teach you about nutrition so you can eat healthy and fuel your body throughout the day. We have a free program you can join which is CF – 30 and it is a 30 day program to help you lose between 10 and 30 pounds. We guarantee that you will lose this because we have seen it happen time and time again. If you follow the program to a T, then you will see results.