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Oklahoma City Gyms | #Goals

This content is written for Colaw Fitness

Here at Colaw Fitness, we are a results-driven company that trumps the competition of Oklahoma City gyms because we simply take your goals as own. Ever wanted to get in shape? ever want to start a family? Trying to earn a raise at work? Want that extra degree? Want to marry that girl? These are all examples of goals. Goals are a great way to keep each and every one of us motivated and focused. It can be a big factor and helping us wake up in the morning, it can also help you with time management, and it can allow you to grow and a multitude of ways you couldn’t before. It is also very important that our goals come from something we truly value and not based on someone else’s agenda.

There are many reasons to have goals such as simply having a road map for the success you are chasing. Have you ever had a time in your life where you are just working or going to school and just think to yourself what am I actually working for? You may have a blurred vision for the success you want to achieve. This is where a list of goals cab clears up the mess. Before you make your list of goals, make sure the goals have this five-step process.

It has to be specific, measurable, action-oriented, results-oriented, and time-sensitive. Something else you may not think can help you with your goals is an accountability partner. When it comes to fitness, many Oklahoma City gyms don’t recognize the power of two. Here at Colaw Fitness, we understand we need a partner for every part of our lives. That is why you can bring a free friend every day to help tackle your fitness goals.

Oklahoma City Gyms

Make sure you have your goals written down because you will be able to see what changes you need to make and also track the progress of your goal. Yes, we know you want to jot down your goals in the notes app of your phone but writing them down actually has some psychological advantages to it. Studies show you are about 42% more likely to accomplish your goals if they are written down. Have you ever heard a teacher tell you to write down your notes instead of typing them on your laptop?

It is because it is proven that riding down information helps you retain it better. it’s the connection between you writing it down with your hands, your eyes looking at what you are writing, and your brain memorizing it that helps the information to stick. While you come to one of your favorite Oklahoma City gyms, make sure to have a written fitness goal with you to maintain focus and productivity.

A couple of reasons to write down your goals is because you can reduce your stress level, boost motivation, accomplish even bigger goals, track progress, and improve focus. When it comes to reducing the stress of goals, writing them down in ewe move them from your mind to paper. It helps you to remove the trouble of having to utilize your memory for everything. If these goals are written down you are less likely to quit or over-think about it.

Also when you do accomplish your goal, there is nothing more satisfying than putting a big line through it and moving on to the next. Boosting your motivation can be one of the most important reasons to write down your goals. This is because it creates positive habits and these habits determine the performance your life produces. Goals help you get a grip on your success and also creates a sense of urgency to take a step to complete them.

The goals you have can sometimes look too much to handle. And a good way to combat this is breaking down your goal to its smallest form and executing it. This is also a way writing down goals can come in handy. Because some of us typically overshoot our ability to perform. And this allows us to make our goals either realistic or time-efficient. Another very important part of this process is tracking the progress you make. Wins and losses will always come and you must track both. When you see your failures, this could help you brainstorm what to do better and differently next time.

Also when you see the progress you have made you will be motivate to continue on and remember your best practices. Last but not least another reason is to improve your focus. Written goals allow you to have a clearer focus and to stay on track. It also is easier to push away distractions. Because your written goals allow you to direct energy towards it and have better results. Some Oklahoma City gyms may not recognize this. Here at Colaw Fitness, our love for our members allows us to have free nutrition plans that add some incentives to making better goals.

Lastly, it is important to know the difference between values and goals because the two get confuse so often. Look at values like something keeping us headed in the desired direction. And look at goals as the specific ways you want to meet those values. A goal is something tangible that we can accomplish. For example, losing 15 pounds in a month is a goal. While being responsible and accountable to lose that 15 lb is a value.

If your goals and your values match up you are more likely to achieve whatever you set your mind to. It is very important to understand that the value behind the goal allows you to accomplish it faster and more efficiently. When the goal you have doesn’t match up with your values. Then it only becomes something like a trophy or an achievement that you don’t really care about. We at Colaw Fitness want you to have the best results-driven atmosphere out of all the Oklahoma City gyms. So come by and sign up for only $5 a month.