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Do you ever wonder what our Oklahoma City Gyms do to set themselves apart? When we believe that has to do with our core values. We refer to our core values as the five D’s. The five D’s are a devotion to God, splitting living, denial of self, determination to stay the course, and dream great dreams for God’s glory. By sticking to these core values religiously, we make sure that we ensure quality services, great value, and honest services. That is why we have become Our city’s highest and most reviewed fitness center.

The first one of our Oklahoma City Gyms core values that we would like to go over is the devotion to God. This means that we have a desire to make Jesus famous inside our facilities. We do this by making sure that we love and serve others. By having this certain mindset, we make sure that we do everything for every person we come in counter with. This leaves a lasting impact on people’s lives, and that is our goal. Is not simply enough for us to help people transform their bodies, but we want to help them transform their mind and spirit as well.

The next core value of our Oklahoma City Gyms that we would like to touch on is the discipline of living. We do the right thing when no one is watching, which is essentially saying that we are honest. We believe that we would not be good stewards of our Christian faith that we are not honest. The third and possibly the most easily translatable to fitness core value that we have is our denial of self. This means that it is not about us, we have a positive attitude that encourages others. These are just a few of the ways we make sure that our company is guided and growing, while maintaining a dedication to God at its core.

Our final two values that we were are going to touch on art is our determination to stay the course. Excellence honors God. We work to the best of our ability. We train instill this in our members as well. This means anything that you do, should be done with excellence. This is one of the best ways to honor God is through your execution of anything that you are passionate about his life. The last and final one is dream great dreams for God’s glory. What this means to us is that everyone is destined to achieve great things. We have a humble coachable heart that is willing to grow. We do this to make sure that we serve God, and that we grow and learn to be able to serve you as our clients and customers better and better each and every day!

If you want to learn more about our core values, our mission, and our vision we need do is visit our website. Whenever you go to our story page you will find more information on these items. You can find a link to this page by going to our website Colawfitness.com today.

Oklahoma City Gyms | Helping Others Achieve Their Fitness Goals Is Our Life’s Passion

Our Oklahoma City Gyms helps us achieve our life’s passion. Our life’s passion is helping others achieve their fitness goals. If you don’t believe this, you should know the story of our roots. Our company was actually started in the home of our founder Charles and Amber co-op. It was important to them to make sure that they were providing people not only with fitness, but also with an atmosphere that was positive and uplifting while glorifying God. We spent 10 to 12 hours a day to, oftentimes running into 15 and 16 are based training clients from before the sun came up, will pass the time and went down. Despite this being done from our home while having a family of a loving husband and wife, and three children.

We were so excited to grow out of a home-based gym, and why we are so proud of our Oklahoma City Gyms. This is allowed us to reach more people, and impact their lives in part a positive manner. We not only want to help you achieve your fitness goals, but do so in a Christ based environment. That being said, whenever you come to our gems it is not simply just Bible time. We like to get down and put in work! We’re going to help you achieve the best physical fitness levels that you have ever received. That is one of the reason why we offer in all of our packages access to free training. This is going to allow you the workout routine that you need to get the results that you want.

Another thing that our Oklahoma City Gyms provides people the you’re not going to get other gyms is a free nutrition plan. By helping you plan out your nutrition, we are going to help you with the biggest fight most people have with their fitness goals. There a lot of people go to the gym Pliny, have an excellent workout routine, but the terribly. They cannot figure out why they do not get the results they wish, and it has everything thing to do with the diet. By creating your diet plan that is going to allow you to either shed weight, add muscle, or simply just be more healthy, we’re going to build help you out with!

While it is true that achieving your fitness goals our life’s passion so is giving back. That is why we have committed to providing the first dollar of every single clients membership to a great cause. We actually send money to two different great causes. The first of them is Water4Life Mozambique. The other great giveback opportunity that we have found, and are passionate about sending funding to continuously is Fight for the Forgotten. By teaming up with our good friend Justin Wren we have been able to positively impact thousands of young children’s lives!

If you will find out more about Our city’s highest and most reviewed fitness center Colaw Fitness we need to do is go to our website. Here you can learn about all the great benefits you’re going to receive from being a member, as well as our great giveback opportunities. To check out customer testimonials please go to Colawfitness.com right now.