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Oklahoma City Gyms | Just Have a Good Day

This content was written for Colaw Fitness

Walk through the doors of our Oklahoma City gyms to immediately have a better day. Listen to our positive, uplifting music to get positive vibes into your newly relaxed cranium. Kick your feet up into one of our hydromassage loungers and forget about stress for a while. Let our team of A-Players pamper you and sure you are enjoying your time. We are here to serve. Specifically, we are here to serve you! Every customer interacting is show time. Therefore, you are guaranteed to have a great day every time you come in. If this sounds like a anything but a great time, give us a call at 918-766-3353. I am sure that we can convince you.

First, as soon as you enter our doors, you are going to get greeted. Specifically, you will be greeted like you are the highlight of the day. Which you are! Our staff is going to smile at you with all of their attention. You are our first priority, unlike at other businesses. At other businesses, you might walk in to find that you feel like you’re interrupting. For instance, I have personally seen store employees finish their game of catch with a football. All of this before helping the customer that was standing right there! I can guarantee you will not get this kind of treatment at our Oklahoma City gyms. We will drop whatever we are doing to make sure that you feel cared for. All of this will happen in the first five seconds of entering our building, guaranteed.

As an added bonus, all of our music is uplifting and positive. As a Christian company, we only play upbeat Christian music. The last thing that you want to hear when you are having a bad day is sad songs. Someone once told me to listen to the music of the mood you wish you were in. This is great advice in my opinion! Therefore, we only play positive, uplifting music for everyone to enjoy. Think of your happiest childhood memory. That is what we are trying to emulate! Rest assured that we are going to do our best that you have a good day as soon as you come in. Additionally, you can take this awesome playlist wherever you go. If you have Apple Music, we’re sorry, because our playlist is currently only on Spotify. However, if you have Spotify, you can find it labeled as simply “Colaw Fitness”.

Oklahoma City Gyms

You experience all of this while you are smelling our Oklahoma City gyms. Now, most gyms give off the stench of sweat and old gym bags. Not at Colaw Fitness. We diffuse a citrus oil throughout our entryway to make it seem like you’re watching through an orchard. You will never have to worry about nasty smells while you are at Colaw Fitness. Alongside that, we are constantly sterilizing everything in our facility. As a result, everything smells as fresh as you would want it in your own home. Ultimately, we want this to feel like a second home for you. If home does not feel like a relaxing place for you then we want it to feel like home away from home.

All of this occurs within the first five seconds of walking through our doors. Therefore, you have not even gotten to the good part yet! As you walk over to the restful massage area, you will probably see some familiar faces. Our members love making new friends while they are in Oklahoma City gyms! You get to stop and enjoying a refreshing conversation with a staff or another member. They end their time with you by praying for you, what a gesture! Once you hit the massage area, you slowly levitate and gently alight onto a hydromassage lounger. This is exactly what you needed. Before you even begin, the room is dark and quiet and you feel relaxed. It feels like the familiar recliner at home, only better.

As soon as you press start, it is immediate bliss. As a result, you audibly say that you could do this all the time. Before you even finish that sentence you hear a familiar voice from around the corner. What a surprise, it is Charles and Amber Colaw, the founders of Colaw Fitness! Without missing a beat, they remind you that you absolutely can! Colaw Fitness is open and staffed twenty-four hours per day, so the place is all yours. Upon hearing this, you upon up your calendar and schedule your next three 2am massages with a few at noon. What could be better than this, you might ask? It should be noted, you are not paying any extra for this! That is right, it is all included in your membership. Undoubtedly, this is some great news.

After massaging for few minutes, you might want to use the restroom. Upon walking in you realize that it is so clean that you can see your face in the floor. The staff sure do keep the place spotless for you. Additionally, the door is nearly soundproof. Thus, nobody can hear you and you cannot hear them. It is a nice moment of respite to the noise of the rest of the world. This could be your happy place. In fact, for many people it is. Therefore, you are part of a huge community of people that love Colaw Fitness. When you go to collect your things and leave, our staff throws up a hand to high-five you. Anything to make you feel acknowledged and seen. Our Oklahoma City gyms love taking care of their members.

In conclusion, this might have sounded like a nice story, but it is the real experience of thousands of our members. We truly love taking good care of our people and making sure they are loved. Some people might not have a place outside of Colaw Fitness like this. Therefore, we’ve made it our goal to be that respite for our members. You should consider joining today! We would love to have you at our Oklahoma City gyms. Give us a call anytime at 918-766-3353. Grace and peace to you.