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The mission behind our Oklahoma City Gyms is to make Jesus famous and change lights. We do this in a number of different ways. By having a Christian faith based company, we are dedicated to not only providing a service at a great price, but truly impacting people’s lives in more ways than one. Is our belief that because your body is so important based on the Bible, that making sure that you choose the fitness levels of your dreams is a faith-based mission. On top of that we are going to work with anyone we can to help them achieve this spiritual relationship they have always craved.

One of the ways the we make sure that we try make genus Jesus famous is by donating the first dollar of every membership we sell to a great cause. The two foundations of we work with the absolute most happen to be Water4Life Mozambique and Fight for the Forgotten. These two organizations are absolutely tremendous. Whenever it comes to Water4Life Mozambique this is one of the biggest passion areas of our entire life. We believe that putting money here is one of the best areas you could donate 10 the entire world. Because whenever you send money here you are going to be committed to drilling water wells in Africa. Providing these underprivileged people with the access to quality drinking water is truly life-changing for these communities! Our Oklahoma City Gyms are what you need.

The other place your dollars go when you sign up for our Oklahoma City Gyms, is the Fight for the Forgotten. This foundation was started by Justin Wren, who is a famous UFC fighter. Justin founded the fight for the forgotten to make sure that he was able to support bullying prevention, and character development programs in our communities. That is why we are so bullheaded about making sure that we donate a portion of every dollar you spend with us here at Colaw Fitness. Fight for the Forgotten is built on the mission statement of defeating hate with love. Justin is fighting to empower those who don’t have a voice, including the forgotten people around the world affected by the water crisis, into bullied children in our own neighborhoods and schools.

On top of giving back portions of your dollars spent with us, we also committed to making sure that our facilities provide a great value fitness experience in a positive, uplifting environment that glorifies God. By making sure that whenever you are in one of our facilities, the your truly surrounded by the presence of God helps us carry out our mission in life. And that is to make Jesus famous and change lives.

If you will learn more about the givebacks that we do here at Colaw Fitness, were our core values and beliefs all you do is check out our website. You are sure to love this visually pleasing and super user-friendly website. To check it out just go to Colawfitness.com

Oklahoma City Gyms | Our Memberships Offers More Unique Benefits At A Lower Cost

When it comes to providing you more value than anyone else our Oklahoma City Gyms is your best option. That is because we offer you unique benefits at a lower cost than the surrounding gems. We do this by making sure that we always have our customer at heart. Is our mission to make Jesus famous and change lives. We do this by making our amazing facilities as accessible as possible. We try and break down any barriers are going to prevent people from experiencing our Christ filled environment that is built around glorifying God.

Here at our Oklahoma City Gyms you’re going to get 24 hour access and be able to bring a friend for free. You’re not only going to build the bring a friend for free, but you’re going to build a do so every single day. We are not going to restrict and limit their access to our facilities either. Instead of blocking off your ability to use the membership you pay for when you bring a friend, we are going to encourage both you and your friend to fully use our facilities. This includes our free tanning access to both you and your friend. You’re also going have access for you and your friend to our free massage units. This means you will be old to have a fully functioning membership for you and whatever guest you bring with you!

Did you know that our Oklahoma City Gyms also gives you access to a free trainer? That’s right we’re going to give you a trainer for free which you are only going to get some other gems, but not very many. And typically when you find it, you are going to be paying an absolute premium for these features. We do this all while maintaining one of the lowest cost options for your fitness training center. Your fitness trainers going to build help you achieve your fitness goals in a timely manner. This is truly a unique benefit you’re not going receive from just any other gym around the corner.

On top of writing you a free trainer, free tanning, and free massage units, we’re also going to provide you with free nutrition planning. You’re absolutely not going to get this for free at any other gym. We’re going to sit down help you identify what you need from a nutrition standpoint to achieve your fitness level goals. This is just one more way that we make sure that we are providing you with the value that you deserve. Our fitness plans are going to be centered around a diet as that is the most overlooked part of getting in shape whenever it comes to your fitness goals. It is our pride life being able to offer you this service for free, is a can truly open up a whole new world of fitness for you and your friends.

Whatever reason you think the we are the very best option for you, I had to do is get contact with us. Whenever you visit our website you’re going to find out how to get started for just one dollar. I had to do to take vengeance offer is visit our website Colawfitness.com.