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  • 24 Hour Facility Access
  • Free Unlimited Tanning Units
  • Free Unlimited Massage Units
  • Free Trainer Instruction
  • Free Nutrition Instruction
  • Member Appreciation Night
    (1st Monday of the Month)
  • No Risk – 7-day Money Back Guarantee
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If you’re looking for something that offers something different than standard Oklahoma City Gyms, then you want to get touch with Colaw Fitness. Colaw Fitness has locations in three cities including Bartlesville, Joppa, and Topeka. It’s a unique approach to fitness that is going to blow your socks off you with your we had offer. First of all we offer you a membership for five dollars a month which is 50% less than what you can find it even the cheapest gyms anywhere else. And when you look you see what you get for that five dollars you’ll be amazed 20 we had offer. This is per the one of the reasons that we are considered the highest and most reviewed gym city or cities.

You see you can find out what no-brainers we offer that will find anywhere else including Oklahoma City Gyms, when you look at our website at colawfitness.com. They you can see that the no-brainers we offer no-brainers in the fact that we sign up with Colaw Fitness for five dollars a month, route the value will get a free CF – 30 which is the Colaw Fitness three day diet workout plan for new members. In addition that you also get a full 30 day moneyback guarantee on your membership. If you come for 30 days or less and you feel like you’re satisfied with the value in the great service to you getting here Colaw Fitness and you don’t have to pay us in its simplest that. It’s 400% moneyback guarantee on our gym and fitness experience.

Also not necessarily no-brainers, just part of our typical membership package, if you want something better than Oklahoma City Gyms, the come the Colaw Fitness because even though they are technically no-brainers we still offer you incredible incentives they can seem to could be true that they are going to sell my no-brainers as well. Whenever you sign up for fitness with Colaw Fitness then you can also bring a friend every day entirely for free. This is on a daily basis, you can bring a friend seriously getting to membership for the price one because your friends can come and we do every day to give it all the same perks as a member with a workout including the free tanning free massage services.

Also other perks or memberships that are going to sell my no-brainers to make the choice easy is the fact that when you come to Colaw Fitness not only do you get the incredible perks we were describing get free trader new free nutrition coaching arena basis. You’ll find any other gyms the cost you five dollars a month that offer you so much as you get a Colaw Fitness. In addition I you can also find that we produce the awesome podcast that you can find on our website at colawfitness.com. To be sure to check that out for more fitness information is really can help you in your fitness journey.

If you’re ready to take event of our no-brainers to start your fitness journey with Colaw Fitness the make sure you get touch with us at 918-766-3353 or you go to our website at colawfitness.com we can find a lot more information about us including check out the customer testimonials, staffed hours, and even find out more about our story as a company.

Oklahoma City Gyms | The First Step In Your Fitness Journey.

If you live in Oklahoma and you have looked at some of the Oklahoma City Gyms he decided that is something a good fit for you you live closer to Bartlesville, Topeka, Kansas, or in Joplin, Missouri and you feel like you’ve seen what Colaw Fitness has offer and it would be a great fit then you actually should take the first step in your fitness journey and get contact with Colaw Fitness today. Colaw Fitness offers you incredible value by offering so much for five dollars your membership and you’re also getting a membership and services from the highest and most reviewed gym experience in all three cities. Be crazy not to start with Colaw Fitness as soon as possible.

So what you’ve dismissed all of the Oklahoma City Gyms, then you deftly want to come into the Bartlesville location of Colaw Fitness or you can does give us a call at 918-766-3353. Also if you find it for convenient does go to our website at colawfitness.com we can shoot us any questions comments or concerns get your fitness journey started with us today too. But that is the key to be getting your fitness journey with Colaw Fitness is to take the initiative to contact you soon as possible so we can get you sign up for one of our incredible memberships is going on the cost you five dollars a month.

The city right away that is worth it and better than trying any of the Oklahoma City Gyms, because we do think so much different is a much better Colaw Fitness the owner want to go anywhere else is the amazing person we provide for such a low price. First of all whenever you come to Colaw Fitness any sign up your allowed to bring a friend with you every single day and absolutely for free. This friend is entitled to do all the same things that you are to do with your gym membership. So is basically like having to gym memberships for the price of one in for the low price of five dollars a month. Your gym friend can take advantage of all the same perks as you including free candy and free massage in addition to being your spotter making sure that they are your account ability partner.

Also make sure you take advantage of Colaw Fitness what we had offer for your new fitness journey because we offer also free training a free nutrition coaching for our members in addition that you can also find a ton of other great advice from our podcast we produce the can find on our website at any time for free. We offer so much free stuff it’s insanity should never take advantage of any other gyms offers because we can down are going to offer you more than anybody else for such an incredible price that is a real no-brainer.

If you are in take that first step in your fitness journey with Colaw Fitness the make she get touch with us as soon as possible by calling us a call number or you can visit us on our website at any time at colawfitness.com and find tons more information they can answer almost all of your questions and if there’s any more than though free to get touch with us anytime for more questions or with any comments or concerns as well.