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Oklahoma City Gyms | What’s on your plate?

This content is written for Colaw Fitness

Nutrition is one of the most important things if not the most important thing and it comes to transforming your body. Many Oklahoma City gyms put the emphasis more on weights than your food choices. This is a flawed way to achieve your fitness goals. Ever heard whatever you put in is what you get out? Ever wondered why after your workouts or when you first wake up you feel sluggish? Tired of looking towards supplements for better health? Then the first place you should look towards is not your medicine cabinet but your refrigerator. Choices like lean meats, fruits, vegetables, and water will always be the way to go to maximize progress. Having a balanced diet made for your specific needs and not by the government’s standard is a great start to seeing changes and both your performance and appearance.

It is very important to know what nutrients are and its terminology. Nutrients are basically molecules in food that allowed organisms to be healthy and grow. There are two types of nutrients, macronutrients, and micronutrients. There are three main types of macronutrients, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Carbohydrates are use for energy that comes from the cells. Glucose is in this category of carbs, and it could be found and things like starch such as potatoes, bread, cereal, pasta, fruits, and grains. Track runners sometimes intake a lot of carbs before a meet. In order to have access to a burst of energy.

Proteins are used for the structure of your body. It is used to build tissue and muscle. This is why there is such a thing called protein powder. It is used as a supplement for those who may not get enough protein intake through their normal eating habits. Proteins are also made out of smaller molecules called amino acids. Foods like meat fish beans and eggs have these essential amino acids to have the protein you need. The last macronutrient is fats or also called lipids. Lipids help store energy in your body due to its long-chain carbon and hydrogen. Fats are essential to our body because it provides protection and cushion for our organs and sales.

Oklahoma City Gyms

Foods that are rich and lipids are oil and butter which many may use in their cooking. Micronutrients is probably what you hear most of when it comes to a good nutrition plan. They include both vitamins and minerals. Vitamins are essential for the production of energy, the immune system, many other functions. Minerals are essential for our growth, bone health, and multiple other processes. Vitamins or organic compounds while minerals are not. Vitamins are made by plants and animals while minerals exist in water or soil. Oklahoma City gyms everywhere understand this basic context but do they include it in their routines for their members.

In most cases, your diet and nutrition can be more important than exercise. When it comes to weight loss the only equation that works is when you burn more calories than you eat. So for some, a weight loss diet may be simply not eating x amount of meals a day or reducing the calories in the meals you do eat. And for some, we just can’t give up that sugary drink or donut so we instead substitute some form of exercise to burn those calories. But there is a side effect of this because exercise actually increases your appetite. When you exercise you are using energy which is calories.

So wow you are burning those calories you are going to want more energy after your workout so you may want to eat more. Also, your metabolism increases and when this is rising, food somehow simply seems smaller to the eye. Some Oklahoma City gyms may not understand the value of dieting when it comes to pumping up those guns. Here at Colaw Fitness, we understand what you put in is what you get out. This is why every one of our members has free nutrition plans included in their membership.

A big misunderstanding that has been going on for many years is the relationship between belly fat and abs. Many people have the belief that if they go do a hundred sit-ups, crunches, and butterfly kicks that no matter how much belly fat they have their abs will appear. This belief is both right and wrong. everyone has abdominal muscles whether you work them out or not. The trick is the less belly fat one has, the more your abdominal muscles appear. Foods high in fat and sugar will not allow your abs to pop the way you want, no matter how hard you’ve been working on them. Some Oklahoma City gyms sell sugary drinks and snacks that may not help in the process of losing belly fat.

When it comes to supplements such as multivitamins, fish oils, and sometimes even protein shakes, these shouldn’t be the main source of all your essential nutrients. Popping pills and downing shakes is not the way to go when it comes to substituting actual foods that are healthy for you. Last but not least please do not lean on the results of fat burner pills because all these pills do is simply reduce your appetite.

If you reduce your appetite you also reduce your calorie intake, and when you reduce your calorie intake you reduce the amount of fat in your body. It would be in your best interest to not spend $30 on pills the last two weeks that only make you not hungry and instead have the self-control not to add the extra slice of cheese to your burger. Some Oklahoma City gyms and gyms everywhere have included the choice of buying these supplement tablets and pills.

Now that you know what nutrients are, how nutrition can be more important than exercise, the misunderstanding of ab results, and supplements you should be able to now include the right decisions for your future nutrition plans.