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The Best Meal After A Workout | Colaw Fitness Podcast #72

Hi, we’re Charles and Amber Colaw here with this week’s fitness tips. So the fitness tip. Um, we talked before about what the best mill, um, pre-workout would be. So if you haven’t watched that, go back and watch that video on what to eat before a workout. But today the question is what is the best workout or the best mil post-workout? What’s the best thing to eat after workout?

Well, best, best thing to eat after a workout if you’re mainly targeting fat loss is to go back to a meat and vegetable combination. So it’s a high protein, low carb diet. So I’m going to go back to your normal low higher protein, low carb diet and you’re solid meals. Um, you can go back to that or you can also do like a protein shake and water. So it’s just like a whey protein isolate, like a two scoop shake, uh, in water.

Mix it up and go right after your workouts. Great to get the protein re feed right back in. And then going back to your meat and vegetable diet. Now, scenario two is where you’d add a little bit more carbohydrate to it. Let’s say for guy, and you are already pretty lean and you’re wanting to gain more muscle. Just add about 20 grams of carbohydrates to that.

So you could add like a half a banana, or you could have like a, maybe a full banana at the most, or a couple of pieces of fruit or a slice of bread with honey on it, but just add some extra carbohydrates to that meal. And that’s great for muscle glycogen recovery, you’ll fill back out the muscles of feel full again. Um, but it’s a little bit slower on the fat loss. So, but if you’re not doing that, that’s the second scenario. So that’s the best meal for post-workout. Um, yeah, and that’s the fitness tip. This is Charles and Amber Colaw have a blessed week.

Best meal after a workout