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The Top 10 Fitness Centers in OKC | Membership Details

This content was created for Colaw Fitness.

Are you looking to join one of the top 10 fitness centers in OKC? Then come check out one of the newest fitness centers in Oklahoma City, Colaw Fitness. Our fitness center memberships are as low as five dollars per month and only one dollar down to get started. All Colaw Fitness members can bring a friend for free any time and as often as they would like, too. Come take a tour of our fitness center or give us a call for more membership details at 405-838-1644.

Let’s talk about what makes Colaw Fitness one of the top 10 fitness centers in OKC. Colaw Fitness has one of the lowest monthly rates. Our memberships are as low as five dollars per month and only one dollar down to get started. This membership is known as our reward membership. Colaw Fitness reward members attend our fitness centers at least twelve days per month or more in order to achieve the lowest possible monthly membership rate. Things don’t always go as planned. Therefore, in months in which our reward members cannot achieve at least twelve days worth of check-ins, they pay only a slightly higher rate for that month but the count starts over the following month. That means the next month our reward members have the fresh opportunity for the lowest possible monthly rate.

Next, let’s talk about some of the things Colaw Fitness offers that makes us one of the top 10 fitness centers in OKC. Colaw Fitness members can enjoy twenty four hour access to our fitness center. It doesn’t stop there though. We have five locations that our members enjoy and plans to continue expanding. You can find a Colaw Fitness facility in Bartlesville, Oklahoma City, Joplin, Topeka, and Arlington. Colaw Fitness members can access any of these five fitness centers regardless of whichever of our fitness centers they signed up at. In fact, attending our other fitness centers will count toward the twelve check-ins required for the reward memberships too. Our members can attend our fitness centers as often as they want but only one check in per day will count toward their twelve check-ins needed for the reward membership.

The Top 10 Fitness Centers in OKC

Colaw Fitness offers a variety of workout equipment such as cardio equipment, resistance machines, and free weights. We have multiples of most machines and cardio equipment. Our cardio equipment includes treadmills, ellipticals, rowing machines, and a variety of bikes. For full body workouts, check out the awesome assortment of resistance machines we offer. We offer two types of free orientations to help our members. The first of which is the cardio orientation. During this orientation, our staff teaches participants how to adjust the cardio equipment. And each participant receives a free workout template to follow too. Similarly, the free orientation for the resistance machines includes instruction from the staff members and a free workout template to follow too. These orientations are great for beginners or people that would like a refresher course.

We take fitness education a step further with the CF-30 program. The CF-30 stands for Colaw Fitness thirty days. This course is meant to help participants lose body fat and get leaner. That is accomplished by participants following our suggested fitness and nutrition regimens. The CF-30 course only takes about forty five minutes for our staff to explain how to follow the fitness and nutrition plans. Similarly to the orientations, the CF-30 program is free to members and their guests.

Each participant also receives a free fitness journal to follow. Fitness journals are great to keep a record of everything the participant is consuming and their progress on their workouts. This is excellent for the participants to review what is or is not helping them achieve their fitness goals. Don’t just take our word for it. Go to our YouTube channel and hear real member reviews and success stories. In order to sign up for the CF-30 or the free orientations, simply sign up at the front desk of any Colaw Fitness location.

Something else that makes Colaw Fitness one of the top 10 fitness centers in OKC is the incredible Colaw Fitness atmosphere. You can find this same great atmosphere at all five Colaw Fitness locations. We have decorated all of our fitness centers with positive words and phrases to motivate and encourage everyone that comes into our fitness centers. All five Colaw Fitness locations have Christian music streaming to create a positive tone. Our staff is friendly and do a great job keeping all five locations very clean. All Colaw Fitness locations are twenty four hour access too.

Our newest location is in Oklahoma City. Colaw Fitness OKC has awesome massage loungers and chairs available to use for free for Colaw Fitness members and their guests. Another great benefit for Colaw Fitness members and guests is the availability to use our tanning units too. Since Tanning units are available for Colaw Fitness members and guests. Our tanning units include stand up units and lay down tanning beds. We keep tanning lotions and goggles available for purchase at the front desk of any of our five Colaw Fitness facilities. Similarly, tanning units and massage units are available twenty four hours per day and do not require any appointments either. Another great perk for our Oklahoma City fitness center is the access to the awesome locker rooms. Members and guests may access our incredible locker rooms. The locker rooms are fully equip with free lockers, showers, dressing rooms, and bathrooms.

In conclusion, Colaw Fitness is one of the top 10 fitness centers in OKC and at an incredibly low monthly rate. Colaw Fitness members enjoy twenty four hour access to a wide variety of workout equipment. Awesome perks like tanning and massage, and can even bring a friend for free. Come take a tour of our newest fitness center in Oklahoma City. Or call us for more membership details at 405-838-1644.