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The Top 10 Gyms in Oklahoma City | Fitness for the Whole Family

This content was created for Colaw Fitness.

Are you looking for the top 10 gyms in Oklahoma City? Be sure to check out Colaw Fitness OKC. As one of the newest gyms in Oklahoma City, Colaw Fitness has so much to offer. Two people can tan, work out, get massages, and receive free instruction for as low as five dollars per month. Give us a call to get started today. Call us at 918-331-0404.

To be one of the top 10 gyms in Oklahoma City, the gym must have great things to offer. You get more bang for your buck at Colaw Fitness OKC. Colaw Fitness OKC offers workout equipment, tanning, massage, locker rooms, free guest passes, fitness instruction, nutrition instruction, and orientation. All of these perks can be yours for as low as five dollars per month and only one dollar down. Do not wait any longer to join. Call Colaw Fitness today at 918-331-0404.

As a member of Colaw Fitness Oklahoma City, you are allowed to bring a free guest at any time. We allow your guest to be as young as twelve years of age. However, we require all children aged twelve years old to seventeen years old to have the permission of their guardian. Additionally, they must accompanied by an adult at all times. This means you and your child can utilize our facilities for as low as five dollars per month.

The Top 10 Gyms in Oklahoma City

Colaw Fitness OKC has much to offer. We have a variety of cardio equipment including treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, rowing machines, and stair climbers. It is easy to get a full body workout when you utilize our resistance machines and free weights. If you need more instruction on how to get started with these pieces of equipment, then just stop in at the front desk and sign up for your free orientation class today.

If you would like more instruction further than the orientation class, then we also offer a program called the CF-30. CF-30 is a program designed to help you become leaner and lose body fat within thirty days. This instruction includes nutrition and fitness. Upon completion of this instruction, you will take with you a nutrition and fitness regimen to follow. You and your guest may attend this class completely free. Similarly, to the free orientation class just sign up at the front desk.

For your convenience, Colaw Fitness OKC offers twenty four hour access. All of our locations are twenty four hour access, actually. You can find us in four states and five locations. Colaw Fitness has facilities in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri. As a member, you have access to any of these facilities. Additionally, you may bring a friend at any time as well.

All of our facilities also have tanning equipment. We have stand up and lay down units. We offer tanning lotions and tanning goggles for purchase at the front desk. It does not require an appointment to utilize our tanning beds. If it is open, then it is available for you.

Not all of the top 10 gyms in Oklahoma City offer you a reward membership. The Colaw Fitness reward membership is an incentive based membership. Attend our facilities twelve days per month or more and receive your membership as low as five dollars per month. Check ins are easy to track by using our online member portal. Simply login online to check your attendance. If you have any trouble logging in, simply call our customer service department. You may reach our customer service department at 918-331-0404.

Colaw Fitness OKC has a variety of massage units. These massage units are completely free with your membership. Your guest may also use our massage units. Similarly to the tanning beds, it requires no appointment to use our massage units. If the massage unit is not occupied, then it is available for your use.

Be sure to check out our locker rooms. We have locker rooms for your use completely free. However, we do not supply locks. Therefore, please bring your own lock if you would like to lock your belongings in the lockers. Your guest may also utilize our locker rooms too. Locker rooms make it incredibly convenient to hit the gym before or after work. Remember, Colaw Fitness is a twenty four hour facility. Colaw Fitness offers convenience in many ways. We want you to meet your fitness goals. Therefore, we work hard to make our memberships and facilities easily accessible to you and your guest. We hope this shows you how we feel like you are worth it.

Do the top 10 gyms in Oklahoma City celebrate their customers? We do at Colaw Fitness. The first Monday of every month Colaw Fitness hoses our customer appreciation night. In fact, we do this at all locations. Be sure to swing by any of our facilities on the first Monday of every month and enjoy our customer appreciation night.

By all means, be sure to utilize our bring a friend free perk. Accountability can help you reach your fitness goals. We allow children from age twelve to seventeen with the permission of their guardian. They must also be accompanied by an adult. This perk can be great to help instill healthy habits in your kids. It is beneficial for children to see their parents making healthy choices and starting that good habit at a young age. At Colaw Fitness, we recommend you use this great benefit to bring a friend for free.

Additionally, Colaw Fitness customer service is based in Oklahoma. We care about our customers and make sure you speak to a real person when you call. Please give us a call if you have any questions for billing or your online member portal.

In conclusion, your search for the top 10 gyms in Oklahoma City can be over! So swing by your local Colaw Fitness, where two can tan, workout, get massages, and receive free instruction. Your membership can be as low as five dollars per month and only one dollar down. So give us a call to get you started today. Call us at 918-331-0404.