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Top 5 Gyms OKC | Be a Better You

This content was written for Colaw Fitness

The only way to grow is to acknowledge that something is not quite right. At our top 5 gyms OKC, this is how we see the most improvement in our members. Maturity is the unwavering commitment to reality. Therefore, we have to admit what is and is not reality. Often times, we unfortunately get these mixed up. Not only do we not admit what is reality. Additionally, we tell ourselves lies that are not grounded in reality. Therefore, we head down a dark path towards self-loathing and depression. For instance, most of us should admit to ourselves that we are not Olympic athletes. If we tell ourselves otherwise, we are bound to be disappointed in our performance.

Similarly, we should avoid telling ourselves that we have no potential of doing well. By doing this, we blot out sparks of hope that might otherwise catch flame. This allows us the opportunity to be grounded in reality on both fronts. It keeps us from being conceited and self-deprecatory at the same time. It is not humble to tell lies about one’s self. We see this in our top 5 gyms OKC all of the time. People attempt to be humble by being rude to themselves. We feel that by doing so, we are breaking the golden rule. We hope that you consider joining us at Colaw Fitness soon! For more information, call us today at 918-766-3353.

Jesus stated that we should do unto others what we would have them do unto us. With this in mind, we should treat others kindly. This is because we hope that they would do the same to us. However, there is another orientation that I feel we should look at this through. These days, we ought to treat ourselves the same way we treat others. Often times, those that make these jokes would never make them about someone else. Therefore, it does not fit within this rule to speak poorly about one’s self. This is simply because we would not talk that way about another person. With this in mind, we have to have a staunch commitment to reality.

Top 5 Gyms OKC

By doing so, we say only true things about ourselves. It is not prideful to admit that you are good at something that you truly are talented at. However, it is prideful to claim talent or ability where you are lacking. Similarly, it is also prideful to claim that you are not skilled where you actually are. This is simply a grasp for other people to admit it on your behalf. In many ways, the latter is much worse than the former. This is because it forces the hand of the listener to affirm what you already know about yourself. At the top 5 gyms OKC, we have a commitment to what is real in our lives. The first step towards health is admitting where we fall short and giving it up.

When we are honest about where we are lacking, it allows others to affirm us. Not to affirm us by saying that we truly are good at those things. Rather, to affirm the truest parts of ourselves. For instance, when a girl mentioned that she does not feel beautiful, her friends surprised her. Instead of building up her ego and playing into insecurities, they responded differently. They affirmed that she was loved by so many people and that she is more complex than that. As a result of this, the girl acquired a deeper understanding of who she truly is. Not that she is actually lacking in beauty, but that she is so much more than that.

With this in mind, we want to have the same attitude at the top 5 gyms OKC. We do not want to play into insecurities. Rather, we want to build up what is true about our members and not dwell on lies. Even if they are noble lies, they often do not end well. Half-truths do not do much good either. It is an attempt to beat around the bush. We do this in order to save our friends feelings. Therefore, we are actually just attempting to “save face” as it is. This is not constructive for anyone and often leads to deeper pains on both sides. Therefore, we are committed to total transparency with all of our members. This is especially true at our top 5 gyms OKC.

When we try to beat around the bush when talking to our members, it leaves them hurt. We would rather share the truth and do it in love. Additionally, our goal is to make sure that our members feel valued with us. As any marriage can attest, noble lies only lead to more lies. However, honesty leads to more honesty which leads to relational stability. Therefore, this is mindset that we take at Colaw Fitness. Our goal is to make sure our members know that our word is valuable.

We can only do that by proving that it is such. With this in mind, we have to be trustworthy from the very beginning. Breaking trust from the beginning is no way to build it into something that will be stronger. Additionally, it is not something you can just pick up after the relationship starts. It has to exist from the very beginning or else it is not trust at the top 5 gyms OKC.

In conclusion, we hope that you give us the opportunity to affirm your deepest truths. Often times, this can even be hard to hear. That is why we surround ourselves with people that will feed into our insecurities. It is easier to have people around that affirm lies about us. However, it is difficult to surround ourselves with people that speak the truth in love. This is what our goal is at our top 5 gyms OKC. We hope that you will consider becoming a part of it. Therefore, you can call us any time if you have any questions regarding any of this. Our phone number is 918-766-3353. Grace and peace to you.