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Topeka Fitness Center | $5 a month and unbeatable price

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You can achieve all your fitness goals and lose weight at the Topeka Fitness Center. Let our friendly staff members get you started on a membership that best fits your lifestyle. Our staff members are the friendliest in town and we will help choose the best one that fits your work schedule and your life. We have multiple membership options for you to choose from at the Topeka Fitness Center. You can join our gym today for as low as one dollar down a five dollars a month. This is not a joke, we are serious that you can join our gym for only five dollars.

We are the cheapest in town and we want you to enjoy everything we have. Come on down and let one of our staff members take you on a tour of our facility. We would love to guide you around and show you all of our workout equipment as well as our membership options. You can come on down anytime and we will always be open. This sets us aside from all of our competition in the area. We are open and staffed 24 hours of the day or night. We know finding time can be hard to work out, so we have eliminated that problem for you.

You can come during the day or night and use our facility if you would like to. You can also bring a guest for free every time you come. Working out alone can get boring, so bring a friend for free every time. It doesn’t have to be the same person. You can bring a new person every day if you would like to and they get access to our facility just like you.

All of our staff members treat our guest just as if they were members. Please feel free to give us a call and let our customer service department answer any questions you have for us. You can reach us by dialing 785-409-8823. Our customer service department will answer your phone call every time you call. This is because we truly care about you and we want you to have the best experience with us.

There are multiple ways you can have access to our facility today. You can talk to one of our staff members at the Topeka Fitness Center about our membership options. We have a reward membership as well as a flat rate membership. Our reward membership is one dollar down and five dollars a month. Visit our gym 12 or more times a month to obtain our discounted rate of five dollars. We have made that very easy for you to do, because that is only an average of three days a week.

Use our gym on an average of three days a week and you will get our discounted rate of five dollars. Our flat rate membership is only $10 a month flat. This membership will be $10 a month regardless of how many times he visit the facility. You can come as many times as you would like and it will always be $10 a month. We promise you there are no up sales in any of her memberships. We want to provide you with a positive uplifting atmosphere at the cheapest prices.

If you would like to visit our facility for a short time, you can purchase a day pass or a week pass. Our day passes are only five dollars and you will have access to our facility for a full 24 hours. You can purchase a week pass at the low price of $20. Have access to our facility for a full week and use anything in our facility that you would like. We offer you free private restrooms at our facility.

We do not like that locker and feeling, therefore we have made it feel more like home for you. All of our restrooms include a free private shower for you to use well. We provide a lock on the door so you can have your privacy. If you have any belongings with you, you can place them and are free lockers we have provided for you. You can bring your own lock from home or purchase one at our front desk at a very low affordable price.

The front desk of our facility has an abundant amount of merchandise that you can purchase. Everything is at a low price so you can enjoy everything. The Topeka Fitness Center has an abundant amount of T-shirts for both men and women to wear. We have different designs for you to choose from as well as different sizes. Promise you will love the way our T-shirts look and feel. We also sell drawstring bags for you to put any of your belongings and.

You can also purchase a water bottle and keep yourself hydrated when you come to our gym. You can also make us your one stop shop for any tanning accessories. We have full bottles of tanning lotion as well as single-use tanning lotion packets for you to purchase. All of our tanning lotion will make you get beautiful and bronze when you use our tanning area. Our tanning area and massage area is included for free in our memberships. Ask our staff member for more information about what all is included when you sign up today.

Go online and visit our website if you would like to find more information about our memberships. We also provide you with photos of all of our fitness equipment as well as our beautiful fantastic staff members. You can find any information you need regarding our facility on our website. We have also posted member testimonial videos where you can listen to our members talk about their fitness achievements at the Topeka Fitness Center.

You can also give us a call at 785-409-8823. Our staff member was would love to answer your call and answer any questions you have for us. We want you to enjoy our gym and make the best choice that fits you. Our facility has everything you need. We have the highest review ratings and we were Voted Best of Topeka.